Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Great Awakening / The Nashville Reservoir Collapse / November 5, 1912

  This is one of those stories that most Nashvillian's have probably never heard of. Just past midnight on November 5, 1912 the water reservoir on 8th Ave. south collapsed. A 175 ft. hole opened up dumping 25 million gallons of water into South Nashville. The reservoir had been crumbling and leaking for a while but no repairs had been made. People woke up with water rushing in to their bedrooms and one family floated out on their beds. Huge granite blocks smashed into houses causing extensive damage. During the Civil War reservoir hill was the site of Ft. Casino which was part of the Union defensive line that protected the city. Ft. Casino sat across 8th Ave. from Ft. Negley near what is today Greer Stadium. Luckily nobody was killed in this disaster. The reservoir is still used by the city of Nashville today.

Damaged House

Neighborhood Damaged By Flood

Present Day Picture Of Reservoir  Showing Repairs

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