Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Class Warfare And Gun Control

  Obama won the election by convincing the low information voter that he can be trusted to protect the ninety-nine percent from the one percent. Yet he doesn't trust the ninety-nine percent to own a gun. Maybe the NRA should take his approach and make the gun issue into a class warfare issue. They could suggest along with other pro-gun groups that the ninety-nine percent will turn in our guns and the one percent will give up their security forces and bodyguards. Just think of all the money we could save as taxpayers. The Secret Service could go back to their original mission of catching counterfeiters. Corporations could increase their profits by cutting costs and Hollywood, the media, and stars of the music industry would have more money to save the whales, combat global warming, contribute to anti-bullying programs, and donate to fighting AID's just to name a few of the many causes they champion. For all of you low information voters the first picture represents the one percent. The second represents the ninety-nine percent.

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