Tuesday, May 28, 2013

From The Book / "The Jefferson Lies" / Five Ways That Liberals Distort History / Deconstructionism

  My brother Mark gave me an excellent book called the Jefferson lies by David Barton. It exposes the five ways that liberals, or leftist's as I call them, distort American History. They are Deconstructionism, Poststructuralism, Modernism, Minimalism, and Academic Collectivism. I have recognized these methods by the left of distorting history for many years but I didn't know they had been named by academia. This is much  of the reason why our young people, along with older Americans have been dumbed down because the left writes most of our history and they control most of our educational system. When I was growing up historians were guilty of the sin of omission because I was not taught about blacks who had fought in our wars, or the proper role of women in history or a fair portrayal of the American Indian to name a few shortfalls of teaching history. We have gone way too far in the actual distortion of history that has a left-wing agenda today. I am going to write pretty much word for word from the book's introduction. 

  Deconstruction: Deconstructionism "tends to deemphasize or even efface (malign and smear) the subject" by posing " a continuous critique" to "lay low what was once high". It "tears down the old certainties upon which Western Culture is founded" and the foundations on which those beliefs are based. In short, Deconstructionism is a steady flow of belittling and negative portrayals of Western heroes, beliefs, values, and institutions. Deconstructionists make their living by telling only part of the story and spinning it negatively, manipulating others into supporting their views and objectives. Deconstruction of American heroes, values, and institutions--which especially occurs in today's classrooms--is the reason most Americans can recite more of what's wrong with our nation than what's right. They can identify every wart that has ever appeared on the face of America over the past four centuries, but not what has made America the envy of every people in the world--every people, that is, except Americans. Under Deconstructionism students are taught about the "intolerant" Christian Puritans who conducted the infamous witch trials. And while twenty-seven individuals died in the Massachusetts witch trials, almost universally ignored is the fact that witch trials were occurring across the world at that time; in Europe, 500,000 were put to death, including 30,000 in England, 75,000 in France, and 100,000 in Germany. Additionally, the American witch trials lasted eighteen months, but the European trials lasted years. Furthermore, the Massachusetts witch trials were brought to a close when Christian leaders such as the Reverend John Wise, the Reverend Increase Mather, and Thomas Brattle challenged the trials because the Biblical rules of evidence and due process had not been followed in the courts, thus convincing civil leaders and the governor to end those trials. Twenty-seven deaths in America but 500,000 in Europe? Why emphasize the twenty-seven but ignore the 500,000? The answer is " Deconstructionism"--presenting a negative portrayal of American faith and values.
  Rarely do students hear that it was these "despised" Puritans who instituted America's first elective forms of government, originated the practice of written constitutions, constructed the first bills of rights to protect individual liberties, instituted the free market economic system, or began America's system of common, or public, schools. In short, Deconstructionists happily point out everything that can possibly be portrayed as a flaw---even if they have to distort information to do so--but they remain conspicuously silent about the multitude of reasons to be proud of America and its many successes and heroes. They have led Americans toward knowing everything that "lays low" American traditions, values, and heroes but virtually nothing that honors or affirms them.

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