Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From The Book / " The Jefferson Lies" / Five Ways That Liberals Distort History / Poststructuralism

  The following is taken word for word from the book The Jefferson Lies. Poststructuralism: The second historical device for attacking and pulling down what is traditionally honored is called Poststructuralism. Poststructuralism is marked "by a rejection of totalizing, essentialist, foundationalist concepts" such as the reality of truth or "the will of God. Poststructuralism discards absolutes and is "a-historical (that is, non- or anti-historical, believing that nothing transcendent can be learned from history. Instead, meaning must be constructed by each individual for him- or herself, and historical meanings may shift and change based on an individual's personal view. Poststructuralism is especially evident in the judiciary, where judges often interpret and ascertain the meaning of the Constitution for themselves, redefining even the simplest words with new and previously unknown meanings that the judge has supposedly discovered for him- or herself.
Poststructuralism also encourages citizens to "view themselves as members of their interest group first, with the concerns of their nation and the wider community coming second, thus encouraging individual anarchy against traditional national unifying values". In the past , America was characterized by the Latin phrase on the Great Seal of the United States: E Pluribus Unum meaning "out of many, one." This acknowledges that although there was much diversity in America, there was a common unity that overcame all differences. But Poststructuralism reverses that emphasis to become E Unum Pluribus---that is, "out of one, many," dividing the nation into separate groups and components with no unifying commonality between them. In short, Poststructuralism ignores traditional national unifying structures, values, heroes, and institutions and instead substitutes personally constructed ones. End of The Jefferson Lies.
  I was raised to believe in America as the great "melting pot". The thing that has always made me proud is that no matter what your heritage was or ethnicity Americans had a certain unique character about them. No matter where you went in the world you could recognize an American easily. In the military I served with people of all backgrounds. Hispanics, Blacks, Whites of many backgrounds, especially with Eastern European heritage, American Indians, and Asian heritage. Yes I could see that the color of their skin was different in many cases or their last names sounded strange to me. Their accents spanned various regions of the country and world but there was no doubt in my mind that they were all good loyal Americans. I will never forget the night I landed in Istanbul Turkey about midnight and was scared to death. As far as I was concerned I might as well been on Mars because Turkey was so different and everyone was speaking a language I didn't understand. I was being mobbed by men and boys begging for money or trying to carry my bags for money. Then I looked over and saw two black American Airmen. It didn't matter to me that they were black because all I saw were two Americans. Because of Poststructuralism during the twentieth century we have had certain court cases that have redefined the 1st Amendment to mean something that it doesn't in regard to religious freedom, and free speech. Moral relativism rules the day in our courts and educational system. Multiculturalism and political correctness are leading us to national suicide.

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