Monday, May 6, 2013

Hickam A.F.B. / December 7, 1941


  In March 1993 my Air National Guard Unit was deployed to Hickam AFB Hawaii for annual training. Hickam was heavily damaged in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. I love to get then and now shots of famous pictures. The modern day Pacific Air Forces Headquarters building on Hickam was a barracks during the attack. Sixty men were killed in this one building alone. The first picture was taken during the attack. The barracks was on fire and the American flag was shredded by bullets. The second picture is one I took from from approximately the same place that the photographer took the first picture. The third is the actual flag that was flying in the first picture. It is in a museum inside the headquarters building. This flag was flown from the U.S. Capital on the day the Japanese surrendered.

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