Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Comprehensive Immigration Bill / Republican Political Suicide

  Joseph Stalin was a sociopathic murderer. The epitome of evil. He ruthlessly rose to power and eventually killed millions of his own people by starvation, summary execution, and imprisonment in the Gulags. He conspired with Hitler to gobble up Poland and later after the war he conspired with the Allied powers to gobble up Eastern Europe. Roosevelt, Truman and Churchill rationalized their alliance with him on the basis that Hitler was the greater evil. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy. Roosevelt, Truman and Churchill wanted to be his friend. They called him "Uncle Joe" but a man who knew him well once said that Joseph Stalin didn't need friends. He only needed enemies.
  The Democratic Party and Obama reminds me of Stalin. No their evil hasn't risen to the level of Stalin's, at least not yet, but they are evil nonetheless. The Republicans remind me of the Allies. They want to befriend a Party that only needs enemies. Like the Allies they end up looking foolish in the end. This supposed Comprehensive Immigration Bill will mean the end of the country and the Republican Party as we know it if it is passed. Republicans like John McCain and Marco Rubio are the typical sellouts that think they will be accepted by Hispanic voters if they cave on this. Like everything else they have done it will fail because that notion is a pipe dream. They lost in 2012 because they couldn't arouse their base to come out and vote. They lost me in 2012 and unless they do something to win me, and others like me back, they won't have a dog's chance in hell. The Republican's might as well put a gun to their head because they will be committing political suicide. They still haven't learned the lessons that Reagan taught us. He didn't want to be friends with the "Evil Empire" he wanted to put them out of business. There is very little time left for the Republican Party unless they learn this lesson.


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