Saturday, June 8, 2013

What Happened To Stonewall Jackson's Arm?

  Stonewall Jackson was buried in Lexington Virginia minus his left arm. The night of May 2, 1863 Jackson's arm was amputated at the shoulder. The surgeon was getting ready to throw his arm on a large pile of arms and legs when Chaplain Lacy, Jackson's personal chaplain, took the arm and performed a Christian service and the arm was buried next to Ellwood Mansion on the Chancellorsville battlefield. Jackson died from complications eight days later. When his widow was asked if she wanted to bury the arm with the body she refused since it had been given a Christian burial. In 1864 it was rumored that the Yankee's dug the arm up and it was no longer there. During the 1920's Marines training near the Ellwood mansion dug the arm up. They wanted to find out if it was really there and found it. The Marines supposedly reburied it in a metal box. Archaeologists are convinced that these stories of the arm being tampered with are false because their studies have shown that the ground has not been tampered with. It is one of the most visited graves in the country.

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