Monday, July 15, 2013

Andrew Jackson / Not To Be Trifled With

Andrew Jackson was a controversial figure. He is hated and despised by some, especially American Indians. However America would be vastly different today had he not lived. He and James K. Polk added more territory to the United States thanany other Americans. Jackson added the states of Alabama and Mississippi when he defeated the Creek Indians in 1813. In January 1815 he secured the Louisiana Purchase by defeating the best troops the British had at New Orleans. Then in 1819 he secured Florida by defeating the Seminoles in the first Seminole War and intimidating the Spanish into ceding Florida to the United States. There are many other things that Jackson did that it could be argued were beneficial to the United States but one word describes Jackson best. He was just a "bad ass". One story illustrates this that occurred when Jackson was riding circuit as a judge in Tennessee in 1798. A man named Russell Bean got drunk and cut the ears off of his baby boy. The Sheriff was ordered to arrest Bean but he was not able to get the job done. Bean paraded around the court house cursing Jackson, the jury, and everyone else with a pistol and bowie knife. Jackson finally had enough. He grabbed a pistol and without any resistance he was able to arrest Bean and take him to jail. When asked later why he surrendered without a fight he said, "when he looked into Jackson's eyes he saw shoot. When he looked into the eyes of everyone else in the crowd he saw no shoot. He said to himself, it is time to sing small, so I did".

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