Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Claude And Mary Segroves

  These are the only two pictures that I have ever seen of my grandfather Claude Eulan Segroves. The first picture is also of my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Swann Segroves. Claude, I am told Claude had trouble keeping a job down in Alabama because of his union activities. That may have had something to do with the family moving to Nashville. He worked at the Merrimac Cotton Mill in Huntsville but when the family moved here I don't believe he ever went to work for Werthan Bag Company, probably because he was blackballed. My grandmother worked there however until her death in 1947 at the age of 57. She died of a stroke brought on by asthma or brown lung disease caused from breathing the lint in the textile mills.

  One thing that I heard about Claude, which if true, is not something to be proud of, but he may have belonged to the Ku Klux Klan. My Aunt Freddie described him as a kindhearted man and a good father. He died at the young age of 51 from colon cancer. My grandmother must have had it hard because besides working she had to take care of her son Ed. He was hit in the head with a rock while playing when he was 12 years old. Ed developed a blood clot in his head that would eventually expand into his brain when he was about 21. My Aunt Freddy said that Mary eventually took him to Vanderbilt but they told her that if she had brought him in about a year earlier they probably could have helped him. However she had waited too long and Ed died about 1935. At some point my grandfather developed colon cancer and passed away in 1940 at the young age of 51. Both Ed and Claude are buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in unmarked graves. My grandmother is buried at Spring Hill in a marked grave.

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