Friday, July 12, 2013

Francis Clalin

  Francis Clalin was an Illinois farm wife and mother of three children when she joined the Union Cavalry in 1861 in order to be close to her husband who had also enlisted in the army. In order to maintain her identity as a male she learned to chew tobacco, play poker, and swear as well as any man. She went by the name of Jack Williams and served bravely and honorably. She fought in 18 battles, was wounded three times, and was captured once. Clalin fought alongside her husband until he was killed at Stones River. She stepped over his body and resumed the charge until she was wounded and captured by the Confederates. They discovered that she was a woman and turned her over to the Union Army. She tried to re-enlist but the army wouldn't take her back. She became a media sensation. Newspapers loved the angle of a woman loving her husband so much she couldn't be separated from him. She lived the rest of her life in Missouri. I know that this is a bad thing to say but I can see how she got away with being disguised as a man because I don't care who you are, that is one ugly woman.

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