Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Shirley Family At Vicksburg

  This is the Shirley House during the siege of Vicksburg, the house today and the Shirley family. Notice the bomb shelters that were dug in the side of the hill for protection from artillery shells. On May 18, 1863 as the Confederate Army retreated into Vicksburg soldiers were ordered to burn all the houses and buildings in front of the Confederate lines. All of the Shirley outbuildings and barns were burnt but the soldier assigned to burn the house was shot by Union troops before he could apply the torch. Adeline Shirley, her fifteen year old son and several servants were trapped in the house by a crossfire between the Union and Confederate troops. For three days they hid in a chimney corner until finally they were able to raise a white flag and hang it from the porch. They were rescued by nearby Union troops.

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