Saturday, February 7, 2015

Man Of Steel / Scott Walker

  Well, it is official. As of this moment I am a Scott Walker man. I was on the fence with him as a prospective presidential candidate. In my mind he was right on all the major issues except illegal immigration. I badly wanted to support him because this is a man who gets it. He is Reaganesque in that he knows how to wipe up the floor with liberals. He took on big labor and crushed the Union bullies by winning several elections and recall attempts He is smart and unlike most Republicans has a spine made of titanium. Patriotic Americans are begging and screaming for the leadership of a Scott Walker. Like Reagan I believe that his leadership and courage will even appeal to those Democrats that down deep know our country is headed off the cliff right now.
  So what happened to change my mind about Scott Walker? A while back I read a quote by Walker that he was in favor of amnesty for illegals. I try not to be a one issue voter but the problem of illegal immigration is rapidly destroying this country. In my opinion illegal immigration is tied in closely with the other issues that are also destroying our country. Our deficit, which illegals add greatly to because we have to build prisons and provide food and substance for illegal prisoners. We have to build new schools and the liberals insist that we feed all students on our dime, the real American taxpayer. Our medical system is overburdened with illegal patients who cannot pay and the illegals are bringing diseases back that were once eradicated like measles and tuberculosis. Besides our deficit Islamic extremism is also one of the greatest problems that we face and we have no clue who is coming into our country. Another problem that we face is that because of political correctness we are in a gigantic culture war and the patriotic people who love this country are losing that war. Illegals are exploited in that war by the Democratic Party. Last but not least Obama's lawless action that legalized millions of illegal aliens just made it vastly more difficult for a Republican to ever win the presidency.
  I took an oath a while back that I will not vote for any candidate that is in favor of open borders. Secure the borders first and then decide what to do with those illegals afterward that will be able to positively contribute to our future as a country. if you line up on the other issues that are important to me and most Americans I will vote for you. Scott Walker did that tonight. I just heard Walker interviewed by Brett Baier. In the interview he was asked his opinion on illegal immigration. Without equivocation he said that our borders must be secured and he is against amnesty. Baier asked him about his earlier statement saying that he was in favor of amnesty. I liked his answer because it was direct and to the point without the typical politicians spin. He denied that he had made that statement and Walker said that was the reporter 's opinion and not his. In conclusion I am tired of hearing about how strong of a candidate that Hillary is. Can a Jeb Bush, or a Lindsey Graham beat her? Probably not. But the bottom line for the Republican Party is this. If they can't beat Hillary with the tons of baggage that she is dragging around and a record of achievement that equals a big zero, then they need to close up shop and go home.

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  1. I'm glad you have had this epiphany about the Wisconsin Governor. Does he have any experience in the business world? I still am leaning toward Dr. Ben Carson. I believe we need someone in the White House who has NEVER been a politician. Think of the possibilities.