Friday, July 10, 2015

Six Ways That The Left Undermines Our History And Indoctrinates Our Children

According to historian David Barton there are six ways that the left undermines our history.

1. Deconstructionism - To malign and smear. To lay low that which was once high.
Examples- Washington and Jefferson were white male slave owners which disqualifies them from greatness. 

2. Poststructuralism - The rejection of essential foundational concepts.
Examples- The reality of truth or the will of God. The rejection of absolutes.

3. American Exceptionalism -  A rejection of the belief that America is blessed and enjoys unprecedented stability, prosperity, and liberty. Our belief in God-given inalienable rights, individualism, limited government, full republicanism, and an educated and virtuous citizenry.

4. Modernism- Examines historical events and persons as if they occurred and lived today rather than in the past. They do not look at history in context.
Example. Lincoln believed that the only black people that should be allowed to vote would be the most educated black men and soldiers. According to today's standards that would be a very racist opinion. By the standards of 1865 it was very progressive.

5. Minimalism- Insistence on oversimplification. Reducing complicated historical problems to one line platitudes.
Example- Andrew Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and Thomas Jefferson were flawed and complicated people. However many historians discount the complicated nature of their characters by arriving at oversimplistic assessments. For example- everything positive about Jackson is nullified because of the Trail of Tears and slavery. Forrest is marginalized by slavery, Ft. Pillow and the Klan. Jefferson is marginalized by Sally Hemming's and slavery. You cannot condone evil committed by these men but you also cannot dismiss them in an overly simplistic manner.

6. Academic Collectivism- Writers and scholars quote each other from their peer group rather than consult original sources.
Example- Barton cites a book named the Godless Constitution which alleges that the Founding Fathers were a group of atheists, agnostics and deists. The book is very popular in universities across the country. However the authors freely admit that the book is not based on a single original source or primary document.

In my opinion they are undermining our history in a number of ways.
1. The media- By media I not only mean the news media, but prime time television along with Hollywood movies..
2. Academia- Many if not most universities are nothing but re-education centers that the old Soviet Union would be proud of. All they teach is political correctness.
3. Secondary education- I believe that to what degree children are being indoctrinated depends on the state, county, school administration and individual teachers.
4. Our government from the White House to Congress.

I no longer have children in school but I would encourage parents to be aware of what their children are learning.

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