Sunday, January 3, 2016

My Advice To Trump

Clinton with Juanita Broaddrick at her nursing home 

  If I were a political advisor to Trump right now I would encourage him to continue with his attempt to discredit Hillary in regards to her husband Bill's sexual escapades. I would attack her on two points. Hillary has always passed herself off as a victim unaware of her husbands shenanigans. She must be shown for what she is. A cynical enabler who protected Bill in order to protect her own political future in politics. Secondly, she must be shown to be a feminist fraud. Everything she has ever accomplished has been because of the man she has stood by through thick and thin. The primary reason that I would encourage him to do this is because Trump has command of the mainstream media like no other Republican candidate in recent history. This is why he has only spent 300,000 dollars to date. The media is going to hang on his every word and everything that he does. The Clinton's and especially Obama have enjoyed a lap dog press until now. Their corruption has either been ignored, under reported or distorted by the mainstream media through the years. This is usually the case for Democrats in general. For example the Jennifer Flowers scandal was broken by a grocery store tabloid. Troopergate was broken by a conservative magazine called the American Spectator. The rape of Juanita Broaddrick was ignored by the mainstream media until the day after Bill Clinton was acquitted of impeachment charges by the senate. Then NBC correspondent Lisa Myers did a very good report on the rape but by the next day the subject was dropped by the mainstream media. Even the story on John Edwards love child was broken by the National Enquirer. The press successfully portrayed the Monica Lewinsky affair to be about sex and not about obstruction of justice. The same thing that Richard Nixon was forced to resign over. In the end the press and Saturday Night Live passed him off as a lovable rogue. 

    If I was advising Trump I would tell him to drive home the point that Hillary knew from the get go that Bill was a womanizer. She was warned by her father and brother, who were working for Bill's campaign for Arkansas's attorney general that he was sleeping with anything that wore a skirt. Hillary didn't care and married him anyway because she saw Bill as someone that her own political aspirations could benefit from. A man with a bright political future.  I would also emphasize the fact that after Bill's defeat for governor in 1980, she changed her radical feminist image. She took on a more feminine look, getting rid of the coke bottle glasses and she started wearing make-up. Bill got a haircut and both were seen in church. Bill chose a church that televised it's services and he stood strategically in the choir, where he was sure to be seen on television each Sunday morning, by the church going public.
Radical Hillary
The Clinton's before the makeover

The Clinton's after

  I would emphasize the point that Hillary tried to insure Juanita Broaddricks silence by confronting her at a Bill Clinton political fundraiser. Just three weeks after the attack Broaddrick said she was “in denial,” and feeling guilty. She thought that by letting Clinton into her room she had encouraged the rape. After arriving at the airport for the event, Hillary Clinton had asked one of Juanita's friends if she would be there. Bill did not speak to her but Hillary approached and took her hand. "I just want you to know how much Bill and I appreciate what you do for him.” Broaddrick moved her hand away but Clinton held on tight. She then said "Do you understand? Everything that you do". Broaddrick recently said this about Hillary's run for the presidency in a radio interview. “Shame on you, Hillary, that’s disgusting. Shame on you, Hillary. It’s time to be truthful,” She went on to say that she “almost died” two months ago when she saw a Clinton campaign ad in which Hillary insisted all women must be sided with if they accuse men of sexual assault. You have the right to be heard. You have the right to be believed. We’re with you,” Clinton said in the video, which she addressed to “every survivor of sexual assault.” She said "the only thing that I would like to say is I hope that someday these two people, these people that I feel like are so evil, will be brought to justice. You know, if I can help in that, I will. But these are not good people for America.” 

  I would also advise Trump that Hillary's aide Betsy Wright, with her full compliance, advised Bill Clinton not to run in 1988 until she had a chance to put together a list of all the women that he had slept with. This list was not compiled so as to be used in divorce proceedings, like any normal woman would do, but to help Bill win in 1992. With this list there would be no surprises for Hillary when and if the media discovered these women. That way she would already have a defense in place to protect her road to the top. Later during the 1992 campaign Betsy's job was to control bimbo eruptions and devise a defense against them. Then I would talk about how Hillary and CBS 60 Minutes producer Don Hewitt's editing saved Bill's butt on Super Bowl night in 1992 when the Jennifer Flowers tapes were revealed. He later bragged in an on air interview that he saved Bill Clinton's presidency. He was also the man that during the Kennedy Nixon debates would swap the camera to Nixon every time he wiped his sweaty brow. Clearly this man was a Democratic operative which so many in the mainstream media are. Hillary said the night of the interview that she was not Tammy Wynette, standing by her man. I have more respect for the type of woman in Tammy's song than for a woman who stands by her man for the cynical reason of using it as a springboard to political office. This is why Hillary's feminism is fraudulent. Everything that she has ever received has been the result of a man.
Betsy Wright

Don Hewitt

Kennedy-Nixon debate

  After Trump finished with all this I would emphasize her own sordid and corrupt past by bringing up Whitewater, the Rose Law firm billing records scandal, Cattlegate, Travelgate, the FBI records scandal, removing records from Vince Foster's office after his death, etc., etc. Then I would pound on the fact that she was a do nothing senator and accomplished nothing on her own except carrying out the destructive Middle Eastern and foreign policy of her boss Barack Hussein Obama. Trump can bring media scrutiny unlike no other Republican on the Clinton's. Yes, Trump is no angel when it comes to his failed marriages and having a child out of wedlock but Americans have proven time and again that they are willing to forgive these type of personal failings.  Trump however has the ability to be the Clinton's worse nightmare. Far too many Americans are ignorant but the people will do the right thing if they are spoon fed the truth. Hopefully Trump is smart enough to realize this.

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