Saturday, April 9, 2016

Clinton Lies Matter


  Bill Clinton's outburst against the Black Lives Matters movement shocked a lot of people. As much as I detest the Clinton's I applaud what he said. It was one of the rare moments of truth spoken by a pathological liar. However, I am not fooled by it for a moment. The Clinton's very rarely do anything that is unplanned. They will always be a tag team as long as one, or the other, is useful to the others political ambitions. Bill Clinton is playing a role similar to that of a vice president to a president. The president has to stay above the fray. The vice president is saying what the president is really thinking but can't say. Bill Clinton is saying what Hillary can't say. For example Barack Hussein campaigned on the promise that he was against same sex marriage in 2008. Many of us were not so naive as to believe that Barack Hussein was not for same sex marriage. However most Americans opposed it and he took the safe course in an election year. Joe Biden paved the way for Barack to safely jump on the same sex marriage band wagon in May of 2012.  He became the trial balloon for the issue. Bill is paving the way for Hillary to move back toward a more centrist political position if she receives the nomination. She will have to take a more moderate position in order to win the general election. In 1992 Bill Clinton was underestimated by his political enemies. There is nothing more dangerous than a Southern Democratic liberal who knows how to play to a more conservative electorate. Bill Clinton is a master at this game. He is also a master at leaking details of his and Hillary's, many scandals to the press. This is done in order numb the electorate to the point that when the actual facts of the case are released to Americans the evidence is old news or not as bad as everyone previously thought. This game may be the Clinton's are playing in regard to Hillary's e-mail scandal. There are no two people on earth who deserve to face justice for their multitude of crimes than the Clinton's. However I have seen them escape accountability so many times I am very cynical. We can only pray for justice here on earth, but we might just have to wait for the Great White Throne judgement to achieve satisfaction. 

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