Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trump - A Political MacArthur


  When Trump scowls he reminds me a lot of the pictures I have seen of Patton but his actions remind me of MacArthur. He was brilliant during the Korean War. Right up to the part where he devised the landing at Inchon. MacArthur's plan relieved pressure on the American 8th Army trapped in the Pusan perimeter. The tables were turned on the North Korean Army and it was now their turn to be surrounded. In the midst of victory MacArthur and his monumental ego got the best of him. He ignored intelligence reports that were telling him that the Chinese were concentrating along the Yalu River, which is the northern boundary of Korea. Instead of concentrating MacArthur divided his forces in the face of this threat. A mountain range splits North Korea in half. The 8th Army, commanded by General Walton Walker, was advancing to the west of these mountains and the Marines to the east. Marine general O.P. Smith was wary of MacArthur's plan and prepared his men for the eventual counter attack by Chinese forces he knew was coming. General Walker placed too much faith in MacArthur and his men were totally unprepared when the Chinese assault came in November 1950. This unpreparedness by MacArthur caused the worst defeat ever suffered by an American army. He in essence walked his men into an ambush causing thousands of needless casualties. Instead of MacArthur acknowledging his error and revising his strategy on the ground he began whining and complaining about the need to use atomic bombs on the Chinese to avenge for his incompetence. This would have expanded the war needlessly. Eventually his actions would lead to his insubordination and dismissal. General Matthew Ridgeway would employ strategy that MacArthur should have already been using and was in the process of defeating the Chinese until the politicians intervened and caused the Korean War to become a WW1 style bloody stalemate until the armistice was signed in 1953.

  Now you might ask. How does this compare to Trump? In many ways he has conducted his campaign brilliantly until here lately. Trump connected with the disgruntled American voter by talking about the issues that they are demanding should be addressed. Illegal immigration, the economy, fair trade and Islamic terror. Like MacArthur, he has defeated the establishment in one phase of the battle. Now the battle has entered a different phase and Trump has been caught with his pants down. He is complaining and whining about a system that has essentially been in place since the Republicans ran John Charles Fremont for president in 1856. Now Trump is MacArthur and Cruz is General O.P. Smith. Cruz was prepared for this phase of the battle on the ground. Trump didn't see it coming and now he is wanting special treatment. All I have heard from Trump is the art of the deal. He has boasted about being the master wheeler dealer and this should be where Trump prevails. However it is Cruz that is running circles around him in this area. When Putin or Iran catches a president Trump off guard, is he just going to go to the media and cry that they are not playing fair? I want a president that solidly stands on principle but devises the right strategy and is flexible enough to win. When conditions warrant, you must be able to adjust to the new situation. In order to do this you must not be a MacArthur and let your ego get in the way. 

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