Sunday, April 17, 2016

White Privilege And The Privilege Of Being American

  We have heard a lot about white privilege lately. I am white and I am privileged. Guilty as charged. I was born in 1950. Black children my age were not as privileged as I was. My mom would take me shopping and we could sit down for a burger and fries at Woolworth's on 5th Avenue or Harvey's Monkey Bar on Church Street. A Black woman or a Black man with a kid my age was welcome to spend their money in Nashville stores but they had to find their food somewhere else.If we went to the Memphis Zoo we could visit every day of of the week except Thursdays. That was Negro day, Of course I went to all white schools that didn't have hand me down text books like the black schools and we could walk in the front entrance of a movie theater. We didn't have to sit in the balcony like the blacks did. I could go on and on but you get the picture.That was then and this is now. My white privilege has evolved. Now I am just privileged. This privilege now extends to everyone regardless of race, creed, religion, color or sexual orientation. I am privileged to live in a country that through trial and error has evolved into the most egalitarian country on earth. Even though life has dealt me a tough hand I am privileged to live where I could rise above that. I was privileged to serve my country in our armed forces. The privilege of being an American allowed me to work and feed my family. I am privileged to have the greatest children, grandchildren and wife in the world. Enough about my privilege. Lets talk about the privilege of others in America.

The poor of Somalia
A few of our illegal aliens

  If you are needy or homeless in America you are privileged. There are more government agencies, churches and charitable organizations in America than anywhere else in the world. There is no reason for people to go without food or housing here. Compare our poor with the poor in Honduras or Somalia. If you are an illegal alien you are privileged. You can find a job in our country. Start a business. Receive free health care. free public education, welfare, food stamps, and an interpreter will be provided. If you are illegal and a criminal you stand a better chance to get away with your criminal activity or a softer sentence here than in your home country. Our jails and prisons are probably better than in your country of origin. If you drive under the influence, you may be able to get away with it over and over again until you kill someone. Then, who knows, you might even be able to get away with that. If your illegal alien Jose Antonio Vargas you are privileged enough to host an MTV program on of all things (white privilege). If you are a radical Muslim you can come from an oppressive country that mistreats women, children, and homosexuals and be welcomed with open arms by the liberals in this country. That is because they fear me, and others like me, more than they do you. I am one of those bitter clingers you know that holds on to my religion and guns. You can take advantage of our freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution to establish your repressive Sharia law and plan your jihadist attacks right under our nose. If you are homosexual you are privileged to live in a country where only two percent of our population can bully the rest of us into violating our 1st Amendment right of religious liberty. You can force preachers to marry you or face fines and possible imprisonment. Bakeries and photography studios can be forced out of business by fines and threats because of your privileged station in life. If you are black. and inclined to do so, you can bully police departments, cities, and public officials by crying racism and by using violence and the threat of violence. Last but not least all of the groups that I have mentioned are privileged to walk on, burn and desecrate the very flag that thousands upon thousands of White, Black, Indian, Asian, Hispanic, male, female, homosexual, Christian, Jewish, Muslim and atheist, American soldiers fought and died for.  

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