Monday, November 14, 2016

Should Hillary Be Prosecuted?


  Since Hillary lost the election people are thinking that the Republicans should go after her in regard to her e-mail, Clinton Foundation, and Benghazi scandals. I have mixed emotions about this. If it were up to me a special prosecutor would be appointed. If the evidence is there she should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The Clinton's have felt that they are above the law for far too long and there should be a consequence. Personally the fact that she has lost her chance to be elected president gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. She sold her soul to the devil to be elected president and she will have to live with that failure for the rest of her life. However we can win the battle but lose the war on this one. Nobody loves to see justice done more than I. A comparison can be made to the situation that Lincoln faced just before Appomattox.There were many in the North, especially the radical Republicans, that wanted to see Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and many Confederate leaders hanging from the gallows. Lincoln on the other hand knew the South was beaten and he had to begin the process of healing the nation. He told Grant and Sherman to "let em up easy". Lincoln did not want anyone to hang. He hoped that the Confederate leaders like Davis and others would just just disappear and leave the country. The death of Lincoln was a setback for the peaceful reconstruction of the South. The Radical Republicans would partly get their revenge on the South when they divided it up into five military districts manned by Federal troops. This would eventually lead to the rise of the Klan and long years of resistance and repression in the South against Blacks. 

  Since half of the nation voted for Hillary, other than making the point that no one is above the law, I don't see what we gain by prosecuting her. More than likely, the Clinton's are done politically. They are both in bad health. If Trump fulfills his campaign promises he will be next to unbeatable four years from now anyway. Do we want to spend the time and money putting together a prosecution when Obama will probably pardon her anyway. If nothing else a concerted effort should be made to make public the true extent of her crimes once Trump is in office. For fairness sake, if she is not prosecuted, people like U.S. sailor Kristian Saucier, who is serving a six month sentence in house arrest for taking pictures inside a nuclear submarine, should be pardoned. Saucier did not share his pictures with anyone but was arrested after his cell phone, with the pictures, was found in the trash. Hillary's negligence in handling classified material was a thousand times greater than that of Saucier. I would love to see Hillary being read her rights, and take the walk of shame in handcuffs. However I don't know if the pleasure of seeing this would be worth the political costs in the end. 

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