Monday, April 3, 2017

My Nuclear Rant

  I absolutely despise political correctness because it is killing people and destroying this country. To accuse a person of being hateful, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, racist, sexist, misogynistic, is just an attempt to shut people up. It works to shut people up because nobody wants to be those things. When you hear a joke have you ever wondered where the joke originated? Somebody made it up and it takes on a life of it's own when it is repeated. Words are the same way. They have power and we empower those words by using them. If we constantly call someone stupid there is a good chance that they may come to believe it themselves. Words like nigger, darkie, fagot, dyke, spic, greaser, wetback, kike, Jap, cracker, and gook have power because they dehumanize. It becomes easier to enslave, abuse, and even kill someone when you dehumanize them. It is easier to abort a fetus than a baby. The term fetus dehumanizes. As a kid I had friends that referred to their father as "old man" or their mother as "old lady". I never did because I respected and loved my parents too much for that. The same applies to my wife. I never called her my "old lady". Adolph Hitler used words that were very powerful and deadly. Before WW2 and the holocaust people did not grasp the true meaning of words like, Lebensraum (Living Space), Lebensborn (Fount of Life) and the plan to annihilate six million Jews became known as the Final Solution of the Jewish Question. How many terrorist attacks in this country could have been prevented if someone had reported on the activities of radical jihadists but they didn't because of the fear of being accused of Islamophobia. The F.B.I backed off of investigations when they were accused of Islamophobia. The followings words are used to divide or shut people up that the left doesn't agree with. 

  Hyphenated names - I do not use hyphenated names in reference to ethnic Americans. If you were born in this country you are not a European American, an African American, a Japanese American, an Italian-American, etc. etc. You are an American. Although I disagree with Whoopi Goldberg on pretty much everything, she would agree with me on this. She says the same thing in her autobiography. She does not consider herself to be African-American. She thinks of herself as American. It makes more sense to say that they are an American of European or African descent. A European or African-American was born on the continents of Europe  and Africa. After immigration to this country, and the naturalization process, they can be correctly called a European or African American. Again I prefer to call them what they are, American. I knew a White guy from South Africa who was an American citizen. He would correctly be called an African-American. When I was a child Colored or Negro were the PC terms for a Black person. In the late 1960's it was Black. I preferred that because I was White and it made perfect sense to call them Black. Then in the late sixties and early 70's some Blacks wanted to be called Afro-American and now it has evolved to African-American. Black people fought, marched and died for the right to be called American. To enjoy the rights that I was blessed to enjoy as a White person when there really was such a thing as White privilege. No, I refuse to call them African-American. They are Americans who just happen to be Black and I am an American who just happens to be White. The liberals are constantly complaining about divisiveness but they cause division by insisting on hyphenated names. One thing that I have come to realize is that give it time. What is politically correct today will be politically incorrect twenty years from now.

Native American

  The dictionary defines a native American as someone born in this country. Therefore I am a native American. I have American Indian blood flowing in my veins courtesy of my great grandmother Sara Vandergriff Swann. She was Cherokee. I realize that the term Indian is not accurate since the indigenous people of the West Indies were misidentified by Columbus. He thought he had found India and the indigenous people became known as Indians. Either way Native American is not an accurate term to describe them either. They were the first inhabitants of America but like the rest of our forefathers they immigrated from somewhere else. In their case they migrated to this continent from Asia across the Bering Strait. It would be more accurate to refer to them as indigenous people. Either way they are native American if they were born in this country and not Native American. The Indians were treated very badly and I get that but are we to believe that the European had no legitimate right to migrate to this country. Most societies have had to deal with the stronger nation conquering the weaker for hundreds of years. Indians had been at war with each other for hundreds of years before the White man arrived. Like the White European the Indians were a diverse people with multiple languages and cultures. Conflict was inevitable between the European and Indian. Western culture believed in property rights and an indigenous cultures believed in the communal ownership of the land. Even if the European, or White man, tried to be fair and just with the Indian in all things, there would have been tension and conflict. The Indian could be as evil or even worse than the White man at times. The Shawnee were capable of atrocities that would stagger the mind. They had developed a method of burning a person at the stake that could last for hours. Prolonging suffering as their victim was slowly cooked alive for hours. They could teach ISIS a few things about cruelty. It was so bad that the great Shawnee Chief Tecumseh tried to put an end to practice of torture in his tribe. Even the most advanced Indian tribes in North and South America, such as the Aztec, Maya and Inca tribes practiced hideous human sacrifice rituals and brutally conquered neighboring tribes. Whites committed acts of unspeakable brutality and treachery but the Indians were not as pure as the wind driven snow as some people try to make them out to be. Liberal teachers are now calling the European migration to this country an invasion. They teach that European diseases decimated the Indian population as if it was done on purpose. The bottom line is that there is no evidence that the American Indian would ever have progressed past their agricultural and nomadic existence in North America. That is not a racist statement that points to the superiority of white people. It was a superior idea that overcame an inferior one. The superiority of private property rights vs. communal ownership of the land.  


  I always chuckle a little when I hear the term racist thrown around as often as the word (the) these days. The overuse of the word just makes White people roll their eyes when they hear it. When there are legitimate acts of racism they tend to be overlooked. I use the word racist but I only use it when I see real racism. If you are Black, or White and you are not in my age range, you really don't know what racism is. You might have experienced racism light but it is nothing compared to the 1950's and 60's. Segregation was a fact of life in my childhood. As far as Blacks and Whites were concerned we couldn't go to school together, go to a movie together, eat a meal together in a restaurant, go on a date together, sit on a bus together, swim together in a public swimming pool, sit on a bus together, be patients in the same hospital together, or be buried in the same cemetery together. Yet through all of that I am proudest of the fact that my parents taught me that you should judge a person by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. This was before the idea was cool or before Martin Luther King spoke the words. Does racism still exist?  Absolutely because I encounter it occasionally. I post many controversial posts and memes on FB, but I censor out racist things all the time. If someone sends me a racist meme in an e-mail or text I immediately delete it. During the Obama years I was sent memes depicting Obama as a monkey or he was being depicted in a stereotypical racist manner. I immediately deleted these things. Like a judge once defined pornography, I know racism  when I see it. There is much to dislike about Obama but his race is not one of them. One thing that I realize about some White people is that they will say things around other white people that they will not say around Black people. However it has been my experience that some of the worst racists are older White Democrats who voted for every White liberal candidate that came down the pike. Once Obama ran for president they suddenly wanted to vote Republican or refused to vote at all.    


  One of the PC names that I try very hard to avoid is the word Gay. If you swing that way you are not Gay to me. You are a homosexual. I am still angry over the fact that the homosexual rights movement perverted a commonly used word like gay. When I was a kid gay meant you were happy or lighthearted. I am unable to use a perfectly good word today thanks to radical homosexual activists. Call me narrow minded  if you want to but I will never accept the homosexual lifestyle as normal. In my humble opinion homosexuals were not born that way. Primarily because we are created in God's image and fearfully and wonderfully made. If God will tolerate rebellion and disobedience, mine included, then I must tolerate the life choice of a homosexual. However if you are homosexual you have no right to expect me to accept your choice or condone it. What you do in private is none of my business. I just don't want to know about it and I don't like it flaunted in my face. However I will never accept your right to marry, or raise children. Homosexuals need to learn the difference between judging a person and rendering an opinion. If someone asks my opinion about homosexuality I am not judging if I offer it. If you are a homosexual and I walk up to you and tell you that you are going to hell, then I am judging. The term homophobia is silly to me. Why would I fear homosexuals? I had a homosexual friend who died of AIDS. I never feared shaking his hand or being around him even after I found out he was sick. Some of my best friends have been homosexuals but the ones I know respect me for who I am and I respect them for who they are. Out of respect they have never flaunted their homosexuality in front of me. The Supreme Court case Lawrence vs. Texas in essence made homosexuality a civil right. Recent court rulings are making so-called bias against transgenders a civil rights issue. We are headed down a very slippery slope by making behavior a civil right. I heard a great example this morning in explaining recent court rulings on this issue. If a person is 5 foot tall and weighs 300 pounds it is a fact that they are obese. It is a fact that a person who is 5 foot tall and weighs 60 pounds is skinny. However if a beautiful woman looks in the mirror and all she sees is an ugly face and body that is in her mind and is not a fact. If a person is born with a penis it is a fact that they are a man. The person born with a vagina is a woman. If they see themselves as something else that is in their mind and not a fact. It is not up to an elitist judge to decide, based on his opinion, otherwise. If the law is to be changed it is up to a legislative body and not a court to change the law. 


  I will never accept Islam as a valid religion. It is a religion straight out of the pits of hell. There is nobody who believes in the freedom of religion more than I do. I celebrate everyones right to worship as they please. When I pass the Buddhist temple on the Old Nashville highway I celebrate the fact that Buddhists can worship freely in this country, especially in the buckle of Bible belt. Buddhism is a false religion in my mind but it is a peaceful religion. Islam on the other hand is a dangerous religion and the reason they are in places like Tennessee in such large numbers is that they are targeting the Bible Belt. The infidel, meaning atheist, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian or Jew has but two choices. Convert or die. Islam is a religion that condones pedophilia, honor killings, killing homosexuals and the abuse and subjection of women under Sharia Law. Islam teaches that it is okay to lie in order to advance the Muslim religion. This is called Taqiyya. The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to establish a worldwide caliphate by infiltrating countries and eventually taking over the governments and communities in these countries by having lots of children and promoting huge increases in Muslim immigration. Which is how they are making great inroads in Europe and the United States.The useful idiots on the left in Europe and the U.S. are making it easy for the Muslim Brotherhood and radical terrorist groups to do their dirty work. This is where political correctness is literally killing thousands here and abroad. Are there good Muslims? Yes, because I know many and have many Muslim friends. They are irrelevant to stopping what is happening everyday around the world however. Just like good Germans were irrelevant because they did not stop Hitler. However if a Muslim is good he can't be a true follower of Mohammad.  Call me Islamophobic if you want to but in my mind Islam is not welcome in my country. Yes I am afraid of the threat that radical Islam poses to members of my family and how they are attempting to destroy the country from the inside out. They use and abuse our freedoms to bring about their totalitarian religious system. However the greater threat is the Democratic Party that appeases them and actively promotes their destructive agenda. This is because they hate Christianity and conservatism worse than they hate Islam.

Pro choice

Women who believe in the right to kill their babies are pro death. It has been my experience that most radical feminists who truly worship the holy grail of choice are only pro choice when it comes to killing babies. They usually don't believe in a woman's choice to own a gun, choice to be a conservative or a Republican, and their choice to stay at home and raise their own kids. Polls will show that the when you ask people if they are pro-choice or pro-life the country is split about fifty-fifty. However when you ask people if they believe in restrictions on abortions it is overwhelmingly in favor of limits. The country is overwhelmingly against partial birth abortion. The pro-life people stole a march on the pro-death people when it came naming their movement. Who does not want to be pro-life after all? The pro-death people have since tried to cast pro-life folks as anti-choice with the help of their lap dogs in the press.

In conclusion we must choose our words carefully and refuse to empower the lefts agenda. In the words of George Washington "Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light".