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Is this 1968 ?

Ever since the Black Lives Matters movement started I have been very skeptical of it. It reminds me too much of the Occupy Wall Street movement. it has been a pseudo movement designed by George Soros and the Democratic Party. In the case of Occupy Wall Street the press passed it off as a grass roots movement to counter the actual grass roots movement that was the Tea Party. The Tea Party had a huge impact on the 2010 mid term congressional elections. Between the creation of the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011 and Obama unleashing the IRS dogs on the Tea Party he was able to thwart any serious threat to his reelection chances in 2012. All week I have been wondering why there has been no rioting in Tulsa Oklahoma and so much turmoil and anarchy in Charlotte. The Tulsa shooting supports the narrative of the BLM. A White Cop shoots an unarmed black male. It actually appears on the surface that this cop had an itchy trigger finger and she overreacted. In the Charlotte shooting it appe…

I Had A Dream

I grew up in a world dominated by white people, primarily the white male. Most blue collar and professional jobs were held by white males. I didn't know of a female doctor, lawyer, or many professional women. The same could be said of blacks and people of color. A woman was expected to be a nurse, teacher, secretary, retail clerk etc. Black people were maids, nanny's, gardeners, and laborers for the most part. Most firemen and police officers were white males. Our TV programs, and commercials were done by white people. NASA and the astronauts were white male. Most of our officer Corps in the military was white male. If a man cheated on his wife or girlfriend it was looked on as boys will be boys. If a woman cheated, she was a slut. There was definitely institutionalized racism and America was a paternalistic sexist society. Even as a child I was aware of this and in many ways I felt out of sync with society. Like society and the problems of today it was all bigger than I wa…

The Clinton Cult

Definition of a cult - A system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object. A misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.

Maybe I am in the wrong part of the country but I don't run into that many white Democrats that like Barack Obama. Most Democrats I know hate Obama but they absolutely love the Clinton's. Which makes me think that they are racist. I had a relative like that. She always voted Democratic until Obama came along. She told me that she would never vote for a Black person. Republicans and Conservatives will vote for a Black Republican in a heartbeat but we are constantly accused of racism. Go figure. When it comes to the Clinton's, white Democrats remind me of cult members. The evidence of corruption, and abuse of power is legion. and overwhelming. Doesn't matter, they keep drinking the Kool-Aid. There is nothing more maddening than to hear someone defend the Clinton's in the face of this…

Are You A Deplorable Trump Supporter? Take The Deplorable Test

Hillary has called half of all Trump supporters "Deplorables". In order to identify what half you fall into, if you are a Trump supporter, please answer the following questions. Just answer the questions with a simple yes or no answer. 

1. Were you ever removed from a House Judiciary Committee staffer job because of incompetence and lying?
2. Have you ever tried to scam people out of their property if they were late on just one mortgage payment?
3. Have you ever married a serial liar and cheater knowing that they were a serial liar and cheater before you married them?
4. Have you ever protected a serial liar and cheater because it secured your own political viability?

5. Have you ever protected a serial liar and cheater even when they were guilty of rape?
6. Have you destroyed the reputation of your husbands victims, and used intimidation tactics against them in order to secure your own political viability.
7. Are you a serial liar?
8. Have you lied about “sniper fire” i…

Making America Great Again

"We come to celebrate and give thanks for the remarkable life of J. William Fulbright, a life that changed our country and our world forever and for the better. . . . In the work he did, the words he spoke and the life he lived, Bill Fulbright stood against the 20th century’s most destructive forces and fought to advance its brightest hopes".

These were the words that Bill Clinton spoke at the funeral of Arkansas senator J. William Fulbright, a staunch segregationist who signed the Southern Manifesto protesting the Brown vs. the Board of Education Supreme Court decision in 1954. The manifesto was signed by 101 Southern congressmen and senators. Only two were Republican. He also participated in a filibuster led by Southern Democrats against the 1964 Civil Rights Act which lasted for 83 days. Fulbright was Bill Clinton's mentor that helped launch his political career, seek a Rhodes scholarship, and he helped him receive a deferment from draft during the Vietnam War. Clint…

Freedom Of Expression

We have heard a lot lately about Colin Kaepernick's 1st Amendment right to protest by sitting down during the playing of the national anthem. I guess it is also his right to wear socks with pigs wearing police hats on them during practice. Actually he doesn't have the right to sit down during the national anthem or wear pig socks. He is an employee of the NFL and they have the right to require a certain standard of behavior. If he was a fan sitting in the seats he would have the right to remain seated but not as a player. It is obvious because of his race, and his cause, that the NFL, like society as a whole is copping out. Lets be honest. If a white player sat down during the national anthem because he was upset over the government's refusal to stop illegal immigration or some other conservative cause I am sure that he would not be supported by the NFL or the media. The coach should take the stance of a hockey coach that I heard about today. He said that if any of his …

Liberty And Independence Forever

Comments on David Crocketts final election defeat (11 August 1835) I concluded my speech by telling them that I was done with politics for the present, and they might all go to hell, and I would go to Texas.
"Pop, pop, pop! Boom, boom, boom! throughout the day. No time for memorandums now. Go ahead! Liberty and Independence forever". Last entry in Crockett's diary, (5 March 1836) The Alamo fell on March 6, 1836.
  I don't have a clue who is going to win this election and I don't think anybody else does. For a while now I have predicted a Trump victory but recent polls are all over the place and the news media, along with establishment Republicans, want you to believe that Hillary will win in a landslide. As a political science minor in college I learned that presidential polls, for the most part, have been accurate through the years. Pollsters got it wrong in 1936 and 1948. I do know, however; about push polling and I believe many, if not most of these polls, co…

Hillary's Daisy Girl Ad

Hillary Clinton keeps running an ad talking about how unstable that Donald Trump is and that he can't be trusted with the nuclear codes. Lyndon Johnson successfully branded Barry Goldwater as unstable with his famous commercial of a little girl picking the petals off of a daisy while a mans voice was counting down in the background. The girl looks up as she is being obliterated by a nuclear explosion. The country would not be in the terrible shape that it is now if Goldwater had been elected. His national defense policy was much like Reagan's. Peace through strength. The Dem's tried to paint Reagan as unstable but it didn't work in his case. Like Reagan, Goldwater would not have led us into a nuclear war. He would not have led us into the quagmire of Vietnam. Finally there would have been no War on Poverty. The benefit of a Goldwater win would have been no counterculture movement and no rise of the radical left. No Barack Obama and no Hillary Clinton. If Trump does …