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We went to see Unbroken - Path To Redemption today. I enjoyed this movie much better than the first movie Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie. My son Rob turned me on to the book Unbroken by Laura Hildebrand about ten years ago. She also wrote the book Sea Biscuit. The book was incredible and I didn't want to put it down. I was disappointed by Jolie's movie because it stopped short of the most important part of the story. Zamperini's lifesaving transformation by Jesus Christ. He had survived air combat, a plane crash into the pacific ocean, 47 days adrift at sea in an an open life raft without food and water and capture by the Japanese. He spent two years in Japanese prison camps being used as a human guinea pig and brutally beaten by a sadistic guard named Matsuhiro Watanabe or "The Bird".  The first movie covered all of this but Zamparini's fight for survival was not over at the end of the movie. The book and movie was called Unbroken but if Zamparini'…


My friends and relatives are constantly asking me why I am still on Facebook. I have asked myself that question many times. Zuckerburg is a left winger and most social media is controlled by the left. For a long time I refused to open a Facebook account because every time that I looked at someone elses FB all I saw was recipes, what kind of coffee someone was drinking at the time or pictures of pets. After starting my blog I got the idea that maybe I could elevate FB a little and try to share my knowledge of history. It has also been a platform for my political and social commentary. What social media is doing right now has a deeper meaning than whether or not they are worried if someone is offended. It is a concerted effort to silence conservatives. We are constantly hearing about Russian collusion. The real collusion here is to silence conservatives before the midterm elections. The left paid a price because they didn't do it before the 2016 election of Trump and they are bou…


I was stationed at North American Air Defense Command inside of Cheyenne mountain during the height of the Cold War. Not long after reporting for duty in June 1971 I was promoted to SSgt. Without a doubt N.O.R.A.D. was the most interesting place that I have ever worked. Upon arrival I would check out my weapon and ammunition from the armory. Then I would stand Guardmount where our Sergeant would pass on any relevant orders for the upcoming shift and our post assignments. Half of us would be assigned to posts outside of the mountain and the rest inside the mountain. We had permanent day shifts, swing shifts, and midnight shifts that ran in nine day cycles. Our shift was the relief shift. We started the cycle working 3 swings, 3 midnight shifts and finishing up with 3 day shifts. After a 72 hour break we would start the cycle all over again. I was in charge of those men posted inside the mountain. We would walk through a turnstile and exchange one restricted area badge for another. F…


In the Fall of 1960 we hopped in our 1960 model Ford Falcon station wagon and drove down to South Pittsburg Tennessee. This was before interstate 24 was built and South Pittsburg had warehouses that sold fireworks at wholesale prices. Daddy wanted to set up a fireworks stand and bought about 300.00 dollars worth of fireworks of all kinds. Today 300.00 dollars might buy you a couple of hours of entertainment but in 1960 that was enough fireworks to lasta mighty long time. It was rainy and we were on the road much of the day. Our car was packed and we filled up our den to the ceiling with fireworks. Daddy's goal was to set up a stand for the New Year but he procrastinated and never got it done. One day he came home and told us that the fireworks were ours to use up. I was ecstatic. We told all of our friends in Charlotte Park subdivision. Soon we were dividing up in teams and having wars where we fired rockets at each other and placing firecrackers in mud balls. The woods looked li…