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The Wisdom Of George Santayana

The following is an exchange between myself and a British Facebook Friend that deserves more exposure. He was taking me to task for a post regarding Obama's perceived apology tour. As hard as it is to believe there are far too many people around the world, and in this country, of the mentality that helped to bring WW2 on in the first place. The mentality of appeasement. George Santayana is famous for his quote Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. I also like one of his other quotes that is not so well known, "A child educated only at school is an uneducated child".

FB Friend:

As someone who states regularly that you served in the forces for your country, I find these posts retarded. For a start pearl harbour , whilst a surprise attack, it was an attack by military forces which presented the opposite side (yourselves) an opportunity to return fire. Dropping an A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was an attack on a civilian city with no warning or…

A Great Moment In American History - Grant Moves South

Ulysses S. Grant was lucky to be the commander of all Union forces on May 7th 1864. This was the day that the fighting had ended in the battle of the Wilderness. He had traversed a long and rocky road in his life to arrive at this time and place. Grant had been forced from the army on charges of drunkenness in 1854. He was lucky that the Civil War gave him the opportunity to redeem himself. It had also saved him from a life of poverty and obscurity. There were only three things that Grant was good at. He was a exceptional family man, a master horseman, and an great general. Beyond that he was a failure at everything that he ever tried. Including the presidency of the United States. Grant nearly failed at being a general. After his great victory at Ft. Donelson in February 1862 and the subsequent fall of Nashville, Grant allowed himself to be surprised at Shiloh. He barely escaped disaster. If he had been defeated I believe Grant's career would have been over right then and ther…

The Transgender Issue And Karl Marx

Have you ever noticed that the left thrives on crisis? Most of the time there is no crisis, but by the time they get through dealing with the fake crisis we are left with a real crisis. Take the transgender issue regarding our public restrooms. The left is acting as if this is a gigantic problem in America. According to the Williams institute 0.3 % of the American population identify as transgender. This works out to be about 700,000 people in a country of around 320 million. The Williams Institute acknowledge that this is a rough estimate since many people are afraid to come out of the closet on this issue. In those states where the laws are more favorable to transgenders, a higher percentage identify as transgender, but not that much higher. Even if the real percentage was 0.5 or as high as 1%, that would not be justification for changing our laws. This would ignore the wishes of a vast percentage of the American people. It could also pose a danger to women and small children. Th…

Vietnam - Mistakes By The Number

Mistake # 1

  People have asked me over the years, where did we go wrong in Vietnam? Historians share a variety of opinions but for me I believe that the long chain of American mistakes started with Woodrow Wilson. China was the traditional enemy of the Vietnamese for at least a thousand years. The Vietnamese had close cultural ties with China. They were, however; like the big brother that was a bully. In 1858 the French began military actions in Vietnam that were primarily designed to protect the Catholic faith in a predominately Buddhist country. This was also a colonialist expansion aimed at exploiting the natural resources of Vietnam. The country that came to be called French Indochina was formed in October 1887. They also wanted the Vietnamese to speak French and adopt to their culture. By the 1920's the French were encouraging the Vietnamese Mandarin, who were the upper class, to be educated in French universities. This would qualify them to work in the lower levels of Fren…