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In 2016 it was announced that Stones River Mall was getting a new movie theater. The mall at one time had a theater named the Stones River 10. It was operated by the Litchfield Theaters Limited. The theater opened on May 18, 1990 and was sold to Carmike on December 7, 1990. Stones River 10, however; was closed in 2000. Carmike opened a theater called the Wynsong 16 on Cason Lane to replace the Stones River theater. The only movie that I can remember going to see at the Stones River 10 was the twentieth anniversary re-release of the Star Wars Trilogy. The Stones River 10 theater opened before the mall did. The mall didn't open until 1992. Sears was the first retailer to open there in 1990. When the mall opened Wal-Mart, Goody's and J.C. Penny's were the anchor stores. Wal Mart moved out in 1995 and a locally owned department store chain named Castner-Knott moved into that location. In 1998 Dillards bought out Castner-Knott.

 The original layout of the mall included a lar…