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    In the early eighties I had a Mormon friend who challenged me on the issue of polygamy as well as other issues. I am always open to a challenge because that is what leads you to the truth. He was mainstream Mormon so he was monogamous in his personal life but he said that polygamy was okay because it was practiced by the Old Testament patriarchs and kings like David and Solomon. This I could not argue with but I felt the Holy Spirit leading me in another direction. A strong case can be made for monogamy in the Bible. Polygamy in my view is much like divorce. It was given to man by man. It is not of divine origin. God gave us marriage between one man and one woman.

Matthew 19:4-8

English Standard Version (ESV)

4 He answered, “Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female, 5 and said, ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? 6 So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” 7 They said to him, “Why then did Moses command one to give a certificate of divorce and to send her away?” 8 He said to them, “Because of your hardness of heart Moses allowed you to divorce your wives, but from the beginning it was not so.

Lamech was the first man in the Old Testament to practice polygamy. He was a descendant of Cain. By the time of Jesus most Jews were monogamous which implies to me that it wasn't a practice that fit into God's perfect will for our lives. More evidence that God prefers monogamy over polygamy is 1 Timothy 3:2. An overseer, then, must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, temperate, prudent, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,

New American Standard Version (1995)

  I believe that if God required monogamy for a Church leader then he would have surely preferred it for the regular church members. Polygamy is practiced today by certain indigenous cultures, the spin-off groups of the Mormon church and Islam. Joseph Smith said that polygamy was an eternal commandment of the Mormon Church. The United States government almost went to war with the Mormons in 1857 over polygamy, among other things. Non-Mormons, or Gentiles as they were called flooded into the Utah Territory which was established after the Mexican War in 1848. The non-Mormons appealed to Congress because they didn't believe in polygamy and resented the power and influence of the Mormon Church in Utah. An anti-bigamy law was passed in 1862 called the Morrill Act and in 1882 the Edmunds Act made polygamy a felony. By the late 1800's leaders of the church had been imprisoned, forced into hiding and Congress was on the verge of disenfranchising the Mormon Church. They took their case to the Supreme Court and lost. The church was facing bankruptcy. Wilford Woodruff, the Mormon leader in 1890, had a miraculous revelation that God only wanted Mormons to have one wife. Hardcore Mormons sided with Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. They continued in the belief that polygamy was an eternal commandment from God and he was to be obeyed. They headed for Canada, Mexico and remote areas of the United States to establish small Mormon conclaves that exist to this day. These splinter groups have gotten around anti-polygamy laws by legally marrying one woman. All other wives are called spiritual wives. This also enables them to commit welfare fraud because these spiritual wives can apply for welfare and food stamps. Legally they are single women with children. Polygamy is also a cover for pedophiles. Some of these spiritual wives are as young as 11 or 12. Far too many are under 18 years old.

  Islam allows their male members to have four wives. The Koran goes on to say, however; that if he cannot deal justly with multiple wives, then he should marry only one, or resort to "those whom your right hands possess" Surah 4:3. This refers to female slaves. Which is a justification for sexual slavery. The legalization of same sex marriage has the potential for paving the way for the legalization of polygamy. Marriage has always been the prerogative of the state. For example I did not go to the Federal courthouse to get my marriage license. Until it can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, which it can't, that homosexuals are born homosexual I do not believe that they can fall under the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. The reason interracial marriage is covered is because as long as men and women are allowed to marry in a state you cannot legally bar particular races from marrying each other. Another example are state election laws. Election laws are the responsibility of each state. This would never happen, but if a state decided that only legislators could vote in elections the state would be well within it's rights under the Constitution. If, however; it allows the average citizen to vote but limited that right to white people the state would be in violation of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. This is why the state cannot deny the right of marriage to interracial couples of black and white since they allow that right to couples of other races. A man or woman can prove empirically that they were born male or female. A homosexual cannot prove that he was born a homosexual. To me this is the bottom line of the whole argument, setting aside all moral arguments. If behavior is covered by the 14th Amendment then any group can appeal for the right to be married. Polygamists could be the next group to press for legal recognition and we are already seeing signs of that. Same sex marriage has never been legally accepted until recently and this has been primarily by liberal courts overruling the wishes of the people at large. Polygamy has never been legally accepted anywhere. This also opens the possibility that one day pedophiles will also press for the right to marry children. A father to marry a daughter or a mother a son. In this day and age nothing is too far fetched. If we grant homosexuals and polygamists the right of marriage then what judge will be able to draw a legal line in the sand.

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 I am always a irritated when I see the bumper stickers on cars that say coexist or tolerance with each letter representing a different religion or ideology. Why is it that the left feels the need to preach to the rest of us on tolerance when America is the most tolerant nation on earth. In my view we tolerate things that shouldn't be tolerated. I would challenge the people who have these stickers to take a drive through countries like Saudi- Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, China, and North Korea and give us a report on how tolerant they are. The left worries about offending Muslims when Christians are being persecuted and killed by the thousands, not only at the hands of Muslims but Communists. The left defends Islam when the goal of most Muslim countries is the same goal as Hitler. The destruction of the Jewish race. The thing that has always set America apart from most countries of the world is that it has had a national conscience. Like a person that struggles with their conscience over who will have mastery of their soul America has had that same struggle. Lincoln said that every man is like the moon, they all have a dark side. At our founding we said that all men are created equal while at the same time upholding the institution of slavery, suppressing economic classes, and the persecution of the American Indian. We fought a war that killed almost 800,000 men or 2% of the American population. The results of that war was not the end of racism but the beginning of the end. It would take another 100 years to began leveling the playing field. We have made great strides in ending racism, ethnic bigotry, religious bigotry and the list goes on. Now we are faced with an insidious bigotry called Political Correctness. Christians, and Conservative groups are the target of this bigotry. Difference of opinion no longer falls under the heading of honest debate, it is now tagged as hate speech. Historically it has been the Democrats that supported slavery, segregation, hatred and bigotry. The only ones that are intolerant in this country are leftists.

Justice Clarence Thomas / Victim of Leftist Bigotry

Phil Robertson/ Victim of Leftist Bigotry

Natalie Grant/ Christian Singer Who Walked Out Of The Grammy's

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Ida B. Wells

Ida B. Wells
  Ida B. Wells-Barnett was born a slave on July 16, 1862 in Holly Springs Mississippi. When she was 16 and attending Shaw College her parents and 10 month old baby brother died in a yellow fever epidemic. Ida had six remaining siblings that relatives wanted to place in foster homes but rather than see her family split up she dropped out of Shaw and found work at a black elementary school. She resented that the white teachers were paid 80.00 dollars a month while she was only paid 30.00 dollars a month. The discrimination that she faced made her interested in the politics of race and in improving the education of blacks. In 1883 she moved to Memphis where teachers were payed better. While on summer breaks she attended Fisk University in Nashville. She also became interested in the cause of women's rights. On May 4, 1884 a train conductor told her to give up her seat and move to the smoking car which was filled with passengers. Wells refused to give up her seat 71 years before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat in Montgomery. The conductor and two men dragged her out of the car. She sued the railroad and won in a lower court but lost when the case was sent to the Tennessee State Supreme Court. 

  She began writing articles for a weekly newspaper. In 1889, the year my grandfather was born, she became part owner of the Free Speech and Headlight an anti-segregationist newspaper. In 1892 three of her good friends, who were black, owned a store in Memphis named the Peoples Grocery Company. The store sat across the street from a white owned grocery store. The whites resented the competition and a mob invaded the black grocery store. During the fight three white men were shot and injured. Ida's three friends were arrested and jailed. A large lynch mob stormed the jail and killed her three friends. After the lynching Ida used her paper to encourage blacks to leave Memphis and over 6,000 did leave. Others boycotted white businesses. Ida bought a pistol after receiving death threats. The death of her friends drove her into investigative journalism and she began an anti-lynching campaign. Ida discovered that blacks were lynched for such things as failing to pay debts, not stepping aside to make way for whites, competing with whites economically, being drunk in public and supposedly raping white women.She published a pamphlet named Southern Horrors: Lynch Laws In All It's Phases. Ida published an article exposing the myth that white women were at risk of sexual attack by black men. Most liaison's by black men and white women were consensual. Three months after the lynching a mob destroyed her newspaper office in retaliation for her articles. In 1893 she decided to move to Chicago where she continued her anti-lynching crusade. Wells married, raised a family and traveled all over Europe speaking out against lynching. She died on March 25, 1931.
Well's House In Chicago
Marion Indiana

Duluth Minnesota

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  Pictures can have a great impact on history. Like the Marines raising the flag on Iwo Jima or the picture of the Hindenburg going down in flames. Pictures do not always tell the truth. An AP reporter named Eddie Adams took this picture at the height of the Tet Offensive in Saigon on February 1, 1968. The media sensationalized this picture. You were left with the impression that the man was an innocent civilian being gunned down in cold blood. The anti-war movement loved this picture and milked it for all that it was worth for it's propaganda value. The following is the real story. The man doing the shooting was South Vietnamese Major General Nguyen Ngoc Loan who was the chief of the South Vietnam national police. The man being executed was Nguyen Van Lem aka Captain Bay Lop. Lem was no civillian. He was a Viet Cong and not just any Viet Cong. He was an assassin and leader of a Viet Cong death squad that had been targeting South Vietnamese National Police Officers and their families. Lem had recently been responsible for the death of one of Loan's senior officers and his family. He was caught red handed at the mass grave of his victims that contained 7 police officers and their family members which numbered 34 bodies.

   Eddie Adams who took the picture later regretted it. He felt that Loan was a good man in a bad situation and deeply regretted the negative impact on Loan's life. Loan was a brave officer who later lost a leg in May fighting the Viet Cong. After the fall of Vietnam Loan immigrated to the United States but the department of Immigration and Naturalization Services wanted to deport him because of the picture. When they approached Adams to testify against him Adams instead testified in Loan's favor and because of Adams Loan was allowed to stay in the United States. Loan opened a Pizza parlor in Washington D.C. but was forced out of business in 1991 when his real identity was exposed. When Loan died of cancer in 1998 Adams said "The guy was a hero. America should be crying. I just hate to see him go this way, without people knowing anything about him". This picture along with Walter Cronkite's on air diatribe against the war probably had more to do with turning a potential victory in Vietnam into a inevitable defeat.  

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The Death Of Jayne Mansfield

Jayne Mansfield
  Jayne Mansfield died way too young on June 29, 1967 at the age of 34 in a gruesome car wreck, She was killed instantly but contrary to urban legend she was not decapitated. Jayne was called the poor man's Marilyn Monroe. She had enjoyed about a four year stint of popularity on Broadway and in Hollywood from 1954 until 1958. Her career was in decline in the late 50's and early 60's but she was still popular in Europe and on the nightclub circuit. She took her last name from her high school sweetheart Paul Mansfield when she married him at the age of seventeen. Her second husband was a former Mr. Universe named Mickey Hargitay who was from Norway. The third and last husband was Matt Cimber. Mansfield was highly educated, attending Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas and U.C.L.A. She supposedly had an IQ of 163 and was called the smartest dumb blonde ever. Of course she couldn't be too smart. In 1966, a year before her death, while at a film festival in San Francisco she visited the Church of Satan headed by it's leader Anton LaVey. He awarded her a medallion giving her the title "High Priestess of San Francisco's Church of Satan". The Church of Satan claimed her a pledged member and she kept a certificate of membership in her bedroom. The media highly publicized her involvement with the Church of Satan and claimed that Jayne and LaVey were romantically involved. The widow of LaVay, Karla LaVey confirmed in 1992 that Mansfield was a satanist and did have an affair with her husband. However a Methodist minister officiated at her funeral. 
Mickey Hargitay and Jayne Mansfield

  Jayne was doing a nightclub act in Biloxi Mississippi on June 28, 1967 and she was supposed to do a television show on the morning of the 29th in New Orleans. After the show her driver 20 year old Ronnie Harrison, her lover and lawyer Sam Brody, and Mansfield were in the front seat. Her three children by Mickey Hargitay were in the back seat. They were riding in a 1966 Buick Electra 225. At 2:25 A.M. a truck had created a fog spraying for mosquito's and a tractor- trailer truck was driving very slowly because of the low visibility. Ronnie Harrison ran underneath the rear of the trailer killing the three adults in the front seat and slightly injuring the three children in the back seat. Because of this wreck the NHTSA require all tractor-trailers to have an underride guard, (A strong bar made of steel tubing) This bar is known as a Mansfield bar or an ICC bar. Her death certificate described the cause of death as a crushed skull, with avulsion of the cranium and brain. She is buried in Pen-Argyl Pennsylvania. One of the children in the backseat was a 3 year old that suffered a zigzag cut to the side of her head and carries that scar to this day. She is one of the stars of the popular television story Law and Order- Special Victims Unit, Mariska Hargitay. And now you know the rest of the story. Good Day!!!

Mariska Hargitay

Mariska Hargitay in a scene from Law and Order

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Earth's Last Days

  Many people believe that we are in the last days before Christs glorious rapture. The Bible tells us that no man can know the date and hour that it will happen. Jesus tells us in Matthew 24 that nations will rise against nations. There will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. You will be delivered up to be afflicted and they will kill you. You will be hated of all nations for his sake. There will be false prophets and because of the lawlessness that abounds men's hearts will grow cold. The Bible tells us that men will become lovers of self and children will be disobedient to parents. Men will call good evil and evil good. Knowledge shall increase and men will run to and fro. These are just a few of the signs that we are to look for. Does any of these signs look familiar to you? I once had a discussion with my sister who lives in Hawaii on this subject and she believes that the signs that we are seeing today have appeared to every generation and that our generation is no different than any other. There is no way that we can know that we are in the last days. I of course disagree with her. I believe that we can know beyond doubt that we are in the last days because of the prophecy of Daniel. In Daniel Chapter 2 it tells the story of the disturbing dream of the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. The king however couldn't remember the dream. He called for his astrologers and so-called prophets but they weren't able to interpret the dream. Then he called Daniel who described the dream in detail. 

  Daniel told him that he had dreamed about the image of a great statue whose head was made of gold, it's breast of silver, it's torso of brass, the legs of iron, and the feet were iron mixed with miry clay. Daniel tells us that each metal represents a different kingdom. The gold head represented Babylon and the kingdom of Nebuchadnezzar. His was the greatest and most powerful kingdom. Each metal decreases in value. Bible scholars and historians agree that the silver breast represented Medo-Persia that conquered Babylon. The brass torso represented Greece and Alexander the great which conquered Medo-Persia. The iron legs represented the Roman Empire that conquered Greece. The iron mixed with miry clay represents modern day Europe which evolved from the old Roman Empire. Clay and iron do not mix. This represents the failure of Europe to re-unite. He says in verse 43 that they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay. This is the period of history that we live in today. We know by this dream and interpretation of Daniel beyond doubt that we are living in the last days. Verse 44 and 45 is the icing on the cake. And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand forever. Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mountain without hands, and that it brake in pieces the iron, the brass, the clay the silver, and the gold; the great God hath made known to the king what shall come to pass hereafter: and the dream is certain, and the interpretation thereof sure.

Working On The Chain Gang

  Robert Elliot Burns was born on May 10, 1892 and died on June 5, 1955. He served as an Army Medic in World War I but upon his discharge he was unable to find a good job so he became a drifter. He was from New Jersey but ended up in Atlanta Georgia in 1922. Burns fell in with the wrong crowd and with two other men robbed a grocery store. They netted five dollars and eighty one cents but he was sentenced six to ten years hard labor on the Georgia chain gang. He escaped after another prisoner used a sledgehammer to break his chains. He was able to escape while taking a two minute bathroom break. Burns made his way to Chicago. While living in Chicago he eventually became editor and publisher of the Greater Chicago Magazine. He became involved with a Spanish woman who learned of his past. He married her because she threatened to turn him into the police if he didn't. Seven years later he asked for a divorce because he had fallen in love with Lillian Salo and he wanted to marry her. The same day that he asked for a divorce his wife, Del Phino Pacheo turned him in to the police. Because of the reputation that he had established in Chicago many people tried to fight his extradition to Georgia. However he surprised them by agreeing to return to the chain gang because he had agreed to accept a deal that he had been offered. He had a verbal promise by Georgia officials that he would only have to serve a 90 day sentence of easy time and he would be released. 

  Upon his return in July 1929 he was tortured and treated worse than before. He soon realized that he had been lied to and he would be there a lot longer than 90 days. On September 4, 1930 he escaped again and with his brothers financial help he made it to New Jersey. Because of the depression he was unable to repeat his earlier success in Illinois and took odd jobs to survive. He wrote his autobiography but was arrested again in 1932. Because his book had been turned into a movie public opinion had turned in his favor and the governor of New Jersey intervened on his behalf by refusing to return him to Georgia. In 1945 he was pardoned by the governor of Georgia and because of his book and movie the chain gang system was largely abolished in the South. He died of cancer in 1955.
Robert Burns with fans

A chain gang in Greenville South Carolina in  1956

A  girl watching a chain gang in Greenville South Carolina in 1956


  At the end of the Civil War large plantation owners and businessmen in the South who had depended on the free labor of slavery were faced with a huge dilemma. Because of the war the South was virtually bankrupt and their primary labor force had been freed by the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. The 13th Amendment had abolished all slavery except the slavery of convicted criminals. Southerners and many Northerners who had owned slaves during the war tried to force their former slaves to work in their fields, factories, sawmills or anywhere that they were needed. They passed Black Codes which forced the Freedmen to sign yearly labor contracts to work for their former masters. If they refused they could be arrested for vagrancy and forced to work for free. Of course the former slaves were focused on trying to own their own land and finding work of their own choosing. To remedy the labor shortage the former slave owners instituted a new form of slavery. The convict lease system. They took advantage of the loop hole in the 13th Amendment. The state would lease these men to private farms and industries. I say men because very few women were involved in the system. It was mostly blacks but some whites were also used. In Tennessee at the end of the war only 33% of our prison system was comprised of black prisoners. By 1879 sixty seven percent were black. It was even higher in deep South states. As before the war white Southerners lived in much poverty and squalor because they could not compete with free or cheap labor. These convicts were leased out to Southern land owners and businessmen who in turn were paying the state for their use. The states were making a fortune off of this system. 

  To a lesser extent the same thing is going on today with the hiring of illegal aliens. Businessmen are making a fortune by paying low wages and regular Americans are losing their jobs that are being filled by this cheap labor. Democrats will not end illegal immigration because they want their votes and Republicans will not end it because they want the cheap labor. Because of the money involved in the convict lease system it was not completely abolished until 1928 in Alabama. It was partly because of moral outrage in the North and that poor whites were outraged because this system was affecting their ability to work for wages. The convict lease system ended in Tennessee because white coal miners couldn't compete. In 1891 there was labor unrest that came to be called the Coal Creek War. At the time free and convict labor was used in the coal mines of East Tennessee. Free workers attacked the prison stockade several times over a period of months. Each time the prisoners were placed on a train to Knoxville and each time they were returned to the stockade by Tennessee governor John Buchanan. Finally the miners burned the prison stockade and released hundreds of black convicts into the woods. 

  The governor sent in the National Guard. A guerrilla war ensued and men on both sides were killed. The resulting publicity and outrage caused the Tennessee governor to lose his job in 1893 and Tennessee was one of the first states to end the practice in 1896. However Brushy Mountain State Prison had a coal mine that was worked by prisoners until 1966. Because of negative publicity and the tragic beating death of a white man from North Dakota named Martin Tabert, who had been arrested for not paying a 25.00 fare on a train in Tallahassee Florida, the convict leasing system was eventually replaced by the notorious chain gang. The difference was that under the convict lease system prisoners were leased to private industry and farms. Under the chain gangs prisoners could only work on state government projects like roads and bridges for example. The chain gangs were still primarily black. On average 75% black and 25% white. In conclusion the convict lease system was simply slavery by another name.

Coal Creek

Martin Tabert