Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Which Hillary Do You Want?

  I am absolutely amazed to hear seemingly intelligent people ecstatic over the prospect of Hillary running for President in 2016. There is none so blind as he who will not see. Hillary is a kindred spirit with Obama. They are both narcissists. Obama, having no previous experience that qualified him for the Presidency can at least say that he got where he is by his own efforts. Hillary would  be a highly paid lawyer in Arkansas but for the coat tails of her husband Bill Clinton. She may have loved Bill at some point but there is something cynical about a woman who would put up with all she has with Bill to attain political power. Hillary cannot use the excuse that she didn't know because when Bill Clinton was running for Arkansas Attorney General she was warned by her father and brother not to come to Arkansas. He was chasing everything that wore a skirt they said. She didn't care because she recognized that Bill was an up and coming political genius with a bright future and could be president one day. 

  Hillary protected Bill through thick and thin. She had to. If he went down, she went down. This coming from a so-called radical feminist The feminists have always preached to us that a woman didn't need a man to be successful. That men were sexual predators that used their power to subjugate helpless women in a evil patriarchal society. Yet Hillary was the hated "stand by your man" type of woman that the feminists supposedly hate because it served her political ambitions. She was silent just like her cohorts in the National Organization of Women were silent all through the long years of Bill's sexual escapades and the Lewinsky scandal because he had a "D" in front of his name. Through Troopergate, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Gennifer Flowers, and Kathleen Willey just to name a few of the women in Bill's life. When Bill violently raped Juanita Broderick Hillary went to Juanita Broderick and tried to influence her to keep quiet and not upset the Clinton's future political prospects. Broderick, more out of fear than anything else, remained quiet until the story broke during Bill's Senate trial after he was impeached. There is something not only cynical but sick about the behavior of a woman who would condone her husband's sexual assault on another woman in order to protect his and her political future. 

  Just to refresh your memory the following are some of the scandals that Hillary has been involved in. Whitewater: A business scandal involving the Clinton's and their friends in Arkansas. Hillary's cattle future investment in which she received 100,000 return on a 1,000 dollar investment. Travelgate: The Clinton's fired seven White House employees in order to replace them with friends and relatives. They falsely accused one man with criminal mismanagement in order to appear justified in firing him. The man nearly went broke trying to clear his name in court. Filegate: Over 900 Republican FBI files were found in the White House which the Clinton's called a mistake. Vince Foster: After the mysterious death of Vince Foster his office was quickly cleared out of subpoenaed Whitewater billing records and other key pieces of evidence. The evidence mysteriously showed up in the White House years later.The Lincoln bedroom: They turned the Lincoln bedroom into a Motel Six by allowing Democratic donors to spend the night for 150,000 dollar donations. The Clinton's were photographed on numerous occasions with a Democratic donor, convicted drug ring leader Jorge Cabrera at fundraising events. They also received donations from illegal arms dealers and Chinese government agents. They accepted 452,000 from the Lippo Group who funneled Chinese donations to the DNC. Charlie Trie, another Clinton trusted fundraiser also tried to funnel funds from China but fled there when he was faced with prosecution. The Clinton Administration sold American technology to the Chinese which helped them improve the accuracy of their nuclear arsenal. These are just a few of the many scandals that I could list. I include Hillary in these scandals because they campaigned on the promise that the Clinton's were a package deal. When you elected one you elected both. 

  Now Hillary is running for President and she has created a batch of new scandals. Benghazi, and excepting large sums of cash from various countries in order to influence a future Clinton presidency. Many of these countries are Muslim and are brutal in their treatment of women. Stoning them for adultery, genital mutilation, and honor killings just to name a few. Again I remind you that Hillary claims to be a champion of women's rights. She has pretty much screwed up everything she has ever been involved with. The Monica Lewinsky scandal could have been avoided if she had allowed the Clinton lawyer Robert Bennett to finalize a deal between Paula Jones and Bill Clinton. Hillary wouldn't have it and of course we all know the outcome which resulted in the Monica Lewinsky scandal of which much evidence can be produced that she knew about the affair pretty much from the beginning. Her bungling led to the defeat of Hillarycare because of her radical position and reluctance to compromise. As Secretary of State she was heavily involved in the collapse of Libya, and Egypt, because of the so-called "Arab Spring" which in my mind has upset the balance of power produced by the Middle East treaty of the 1970's by allowing radical Muslim groups to win out in those countries which ultimately threatened Israel and increased the chances for war. 

  Luckily common sense prevailed in Egypt and the radical Muslim Brotherhood leader was overthrown. He was replaced by a moderate leader. Hillary was heavily involved in the Benghazi fiasco. Like Obama and her husband she avoids taking responsibility for anything. She is a radical leftist and feminist, although a very hypocritical one. Like Obama she was a disciple of Saul Alinsky. In Rules For Radicals, which I have read, she has learned to advance her radical ideas by having a radical makeover. She learned to look the part of an establishment politician. Dressed up, put on make-up and left behind her radical look, but at heart she is still the 1960's radical. Alinsky's book is a training manual, much like Machiavelli's book the Prince. The main difference is that the Prince advised the established Medici rulers of the Republic of Florence how to keep and maintain power. Rules For Radicals teaches those who are out of power how to gain power and keep it. So, which Hillary are you going to vote for? The cleaned up phony Hillary. The radical feminist with the big rimmed glasses and no make-up. Or the Demonic Hillary with ice water in her veins.  


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