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When my alarm clock went off this morning I heard the news that the Trump administration had reached an agreement with North Korea. Among other things North Korea is ending it's nuclear testing program and a hotline will be set up so North and South Korea can communicate with each other. I turned on my computer and you guessed it Yahoo news was all about Russia, Russia, Russia, Stormy, Stormy Stormy, Cohen, Cohen Cohen, Comey, Comey Comey, Blah, Blah,Blah. One thing that Reagan taught me was that when the Russians and Democrats were making noise that meant that he was hurting them. Reagan turned our economy around after the worst recession since the depression, built our military, gave America back it's pride in itself and put the Soviet Union out of business. Trump has turned our economy around and lowered Black unemployment to record levels. More people are off of the welfare rolls and America is experiencing economic growth again after 8 years of stagnation. The stock ma…


I had friends that were injured both physically and mentally in Vietnam but I guess that I am lucky in that I only had one personal friend killed there, When I worked at H.G. Hill @ 6th & Shelby Donnie used to come in and he would always say " Hey Segroves, loan me a dollar". Donnie was about two years ahead of me in school. I was also friends with his brother Jerry who was my age. Donnie was killed while I was in Basic Training but they weren't able to ship his body home until I went home on leave around the middle of September 1968. My Aunt Didi wanted me to pay my respects to some obscure relative that I doubt that I had ever even met. When I walked into Phillips-Robinson Funeral home I ran into Jerry and was curious as to why he was there. To my surprise he told me that Donnie was dead. He had died in Vietnam. I didn't even know that he had been inducted. It was a shock to see him there in a glass enclosed coffin in his dress uniform. When I visited the Vi…


Santiago ‘Jimmy’ McKinn was a boy of 11 who lived with his family in the lower Mimbres Valley, New Mexico. One day, while out with his seventeen year old brother Martin, a group of Apache led by Geronimo approached the two. Geronomo crushed Martin's skull stealing his clothes and abducting young Santiago. A photographer associated with General Crook took this picture of a group of Indians during peace negotiations with Geronomo in 1886. A soldier later realized that the boy in front was a White captive. Santiago had an Irish father and Mexican mother. When the soldiers approached him about returning to his family he refused to leave. Santiago had thoroughly adapted to the Indian culture and would only speak Apache. When Geronomo's band was finally vanquished they were placed on a train headed for a prison in Florida. Santiago wearing only a g-string was also placed on that train. His parents met the train at Deming New Mexico and took him home. He was outfitted with a set o…


I wonder how I could alter public opinion if I was the survivor of an active shooter situation and the mainstream media gave me a soapbox to say anything I wanted to about protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. Because I was a shooting "survivor" I could not be criticized. In addition I could criticize my parents, liberal anti-gun groups and those that oppose my point of view with a liberal use of profanity and the F bomb. I don't know David Hogg but I see a young skull full of mush being given way too much notoriety and power at the age of 17. If he is going to put his opinion out there in the marketplace of ideas he should expect criticism and should not be able to hide behind the Parkland school shooting tragedy. Why should his opinion be so sacrosanct? Why shouldn't Kyle Kashruv have the same soapbox?

 He is a 16 year old survivor of Parkland and guess what? The shooting did not affect his ability to reason. He is pro 2nd Amendment. Ronald Reagan and Republican C…


After reading posts on Facebook as to why people do or do not believe in God I ask myself many times why I believe in God. These are several reasons that I believe. 
1. Free will - It is mind blowing when I think that Gods love is revealed in our ability to make choices. We can be as evil as we want to be or as righteous as we want to be. Of course our righteousness is only really achieved through Christ. This is what sets humans and animals apart. When one gets married we hope to marry someone who chooses to love us. What would a relationship be if they were forced to be with us. God is no different. We are free to reject him or accept him. He is sad when he is rejected but you are free to make your own choices. This is the essence of true love. Free will. 
2. The power to transform- I have seen people transformed before my very eyes. It doesn't happen as often as I would like but I have seen it happen on occasion. One example of this is a young girl that I used to supervise yea…