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We Three Kings By Jon, Mark and Greg Segroves

This is my son, brother and myself singing at Unity Free Will Baptist Church on December 18, 2016. We have been singing this song every year and it has become a tradition with us at Christmastime.

1963 - Chapter 10 - The Roaring 80's

By the time I was hired at Cumberland-Swan Drug Company in March of 1983 the economy was in a noticeable recovery. Inflation was on the way down. The real estate market and the automobile industry were recovering. Last but not least the job market was getting better. By this time I was a believer in Ronald Reagan and I was proud to think of myself as a conservative. Before Ronald Reagan, in my mind, a conservative was bad, and a liberal was good. After my conversion to conservatism liberal became a bad word to me. Before Reagan, although I was a conservative and didn't know it, I believed that if you were a liberal it meant that you were open-minded. You were for the working man, against the evil rich and open-minded on the subject of race. After Reagan I realized how wrong I had been. Liberals in my mind today are the most regressive and close minded people around. When I was hired at Swan I went to work in compounding. This is where the various over the counter drugs were for…