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Russell's Trip To Graceland - October 22, 2017

My six year old grandson Russell, who will turn 7 on October 27th, is an avid fan of Elvis Presley. My wife promised him a trip to Graceland for his birthday. Russell is a very special child. He was born with spina bifida and he doesn't let his condition hold him back. Russell plays Little League baseball, hockey, and wheelchair basketball. A couple of years ago he won the Academy Sports Athlete of the Year Award for the town of Smyrna Tennessee. You cannot wipe the perpetual smile off of his face. He not only loves Elvis but he is a history buff like his pa. Russell had a ball touring Graceland but he was one tired little boy when we left there. Walking can wear him out. This makes my 4th trip to Graceland although I didn't go inside the house on my first trip. That was in the summer of 1958. Right after Elvis bought the mansion in 1957 and a few months after he was drafted into the Army. My mother and my sister Donna were both rabid fans. Donna managed to take some leaves…