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In the early 1980's I walked away from the Democrat Party and I have never looked back, or regretted my decision in any way. Since that time I sometime shake my head in wonder at people that profess to be proud, religious, patriotic, and otherwise good wholesome people who continue to vote Democrat. I have many friends and relatives like that. My question is how can they reconcile their personal values with a party that booed God at it's convention in 2016? Has exhibited hostility toward Israel, and has coddled the enemies of Israels and ours. Supports the radical homosexual agenda, and the transgender madness, which is nothing but enabling of mental illness. Their party is constantly pushing for limiting religious freedom in America. They support a party that is actively lobbying for infanticide.
  I also ask how can they support a party that daily exhibits it's hatred for America at home and abroad and is teaching our children to hate America. They also preach hatred …


Around 9:00 PM on the night of May 2, 1863, Thomas J. " Stonewall" Jackson and some of his staff were scouting the Federal lines on the Chancellorsville battlefield. He was in the process of pulling off one of the most stunning victories ever won over a Union Army during the Civil War. That is in spite of being outnumbered two to one, Jackson, however; was so eager to annihilate his enemy that he was exposing himself to extreme danger. He was riding at night between the Confederate and Union lines in an age when night battles were rare. No one had thought to notify Confederate troops of the generals presence in front of their lines. As Jackson and his aides rode through the woods toward the 18th North Carolina regiment, someone shouted " Halt, who goes there?" Before anyone could identify themselves a shot rang out. Jackson's party were mistaken for Union cavalry. Almost immediately behind that a full volley was fired in Jackson's direction. His horse bo…


  During the chaotic senate process of approving the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court a friend of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was interviewed by George Stephanopoulos and asked for her opinion of the upcoming hearing. She said “ When she shows up today, she will be completely cooperative and ready to tell her truth.” After Ford’s testimony Democrat Senator Cory Booker said he believed Ford’s story. He said “ She came forward. She sat here. She told her truth”. A Republican strategist, Suzette Martinez agreed, “I believe that’s her truth. And I believe her story….And I could see it on her face” She then said, however; “ But I could also see it on Judge Kavanaugh’s face that that is his truth.” Truth is not relative, everything else is opinion. One or the other, Ford or Kavanaugh, was lying. The left, however doesn’t believe in absolutes. They only believe in opinions or moral relativity. And their opinion is the truth. That is the only absolute that they believe in. 


I realize that the demographics of the country have changed but I do not believe that we have passed the point of no return just yet. I cite as evidence the fact that in 2010 and 2014, the Republicans gained control of congress as push back against the unpopular policies of Obama in regard to such things as amnesty for illegals, Obamacare and same sex marriage. Pretty much everything Obama did as president was unpopular with the majority of the American people. According to the polls, the American people liked Obama personally but they just didn't like his policies. If that is true, I find that the American people are somewhat schizophrenic. Speaking for myself I despised Obama AND his policies. By rejecting Hillary in 2016, the American people were rejecting Obama. Plus the fact that few people liked Hillary. She was a terrible candidate.
  With the current crop of Marxists running for president on the Democrat side I am compelled to ask the question, do they really believe i…


Without a doubt Washington is the greatest American, and greatest president in my view. Washington oversaw the birth of America and never flinched through the eight long years that we fought for our independence from England. He was the glue that kept men of varying political opinions together long enough to come up with a working constitution. As president he set the standard for all presidents who would come after. Some have lived up to it and far too many have not. Washington set so many examples for us through his courage and wisdom and as the Father of his country he was setting an example, not just for his contemporaries, but for future generations of American's. Contrary to what the left tries to tell us, Washington was a religious man. His Christian belief and obedience to the Rules of Civility, that he learned as a teenager, was the foundation for much of his greatness. When Washington was 16, he studied the Rules Of Civility and Decent Behavior in Company and Convers…