Thursday, April 30, 2015



  Yesterday the Supreme Court heard arguments as to whether or not homosexual marriage is a civil right guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. If the court rules in the affirmative it will lay the groundwork for the persecution of Christians unlike anything we have ever experienced. Anytime I talk about matters of faith I like to give a disclaimer. I am an evil, evil man and no sin is worse than any other. Whether your sin or my sin is lying, stealing, adultery, murder, homosexuality or any in a list of sins. All sin separates us from God. A few years ago I was listing my shortcomings to a friend and he said something that gave me pause. He said; "Greg, I believe that if someone walked into this room and put a gun to your head and commanded you to renounce Jesus or die, you would take a bullet". It is easy to say what you would do when you are not under duress. Although I crucify Christ daily in the way that I live my life, I have to agree that I would die before I would deny him. If I were an alcoholic I would not try to justify my alcoholism by changing the Word. The Bible declares that drunkenness is a sin. There is legitimate debate as to how much we are allowed to drink but there is no doubt that drinking in excess is a sin. The same thing can be said of homosexuality. Homosexual acts are a sin. Having homosexual feelings are no sin but acting on them are. Americans are about to find out whether or not they are willing to take a figurative bullet for their faith in Christ. If we continue down this path that figurative bullet may lead to a literal bullet one day.

  If my pastor refuses to perform a homosexual wedding the tax exempt status of his church could be taken away. It could also lead to fines and imprisonment. The pastor could be fined or even imprisoned if he preaches against homosexuality. This is already occurring in Canada and other foreign countries. I could be charged with a hate crime just for writing an article like this. Some might argue that I am over dramatizing the issue but we have seen what has happened already in this country to Christian businesses like Sweet Cakes bakery in Oregon and Memories Pizza in Indiana.. Because of their religious beliefs Sweet Cakes bakery refused to cater a homosexual wedding. They were forced out of business and fined 135,000 dollars by a judge. Memories Pizza received death threats and was almost forced out of business because they told a reporter that their beliefs would prevent them from catering a homosexual wedding. Over 500,000 dollars was raised on their behalf which enabled them to reopen. There are plenty of businesses willing to service homosexuals but Christian businesses are purposely targeted by homosexual groups. The same will be true for churches if homosexual marriage is determined to be a right protected by the 14th Amendment.

  I continue to hold the opinion that homosexuality is learned behavior. Matter of fact I believe that all behavior is learned. It may be a psychosis that is acquired in infancy but to my knowledge scientists have never isolated a gene that proves that people are born homosexual. This is where the rubber meets the road. If someone can prove otherwise I will be on board but I don't think that is possible. In a Williams Institute review based on a June-September 2012 Gallup poll, approximately 3.4 percent of American adults identify themselves as being LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender). Yet this small percentage has an undue amount of influence on the vast majority of straight Americans. Granting people civil rights status based on behavior places society on a very dangerous slippery slope. It opens the door for the legalization of all forms of perversion and marital relationships. Including polygamy, incest, pedophilia, and bestiality. Marriage has always been the domain of the state and this is a states rights issue not a civil rights issue. Persecution is nothing new for Christians. However the Supreme Court decision on this issue will determine the level of future persecution. If they decide that homosexual marriage is a constitutionally protected right Christians will pay a heavy price for their faith. Jesus advised his followers to count the costs. Are you willing to pay them?


Thursday, April 23, 2015

E Pluribus Unum to Ex Uno Plures

  The other day I saw a news story on a local station about illegal alien teenagers graduating from some school. The reporter called them undocumented aliens and of course I sat there screaming at the screen. "No they are illegal". All I ever see in the local or national Democratic news media are positive stories about them. There are no segments about the financial and cultural cost of illegal immigration They never report on the negative impact that they are having on America. On our school system, medical system, justice system, welfare, and entitlement system. Or the way that cheap labor forces down the wages of everyday Americans and undermines our Republic through voter fraud. These particular kids in the news story looked clean cut and are probably going to be contributing members of American society. No nation on earth however can sustain an unlimited flow of illegal immigrants as we are doing today. Like a plumber, we turn off the water supply. Then we can fix the leak and repair the damage. Until we secure our borders nothing constructive can be done to repair the damage of illegal immigration. In the meantime we are committing national suicide. 

  Growing up in the 1950's and 60's we were taught that America was a melting pot. A place where people of all ethnic origins assimilated into a unique American culture. Sometimes the pressure to assimilate was such that immigrants with foreign sounding last names changed them into more Americanized versions or took on a new name altogether. Many times by the second or third generation children and grandchildren of immigrants had forgotten their original language and culture. I do not have a problem with a person keeping their original name and remembering their language and culture. As long as they adopt the culture, language and national identity of being an American. Being an American becomes their main priority. I realized early on that America was a nation of immigrants and they had been the engine of our economy through new inventions and industries. Andrew Carnegie, Nikola Tesla, Richard Trvithick, Anita Roddick, Carlos Slim and the list goes on and on. This is not counting the scientists and statesmen like Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi or Albert Gallatin and Henry Kissinger.

  I was proud of America's melting pot. In the Air Force I served with guys who had last names like Smith, Rodriguez, Rickenbacker, Camacho, who was Guamanian and Makarowski who had been born in Poland. Yes, America had it's flaws. Many, if not most black people did not feel that they had become a part of the melting pot and neither did the American Indian. Yet I will never forget the time that I flew into Istanbul Turkey's airport, about midnight  on a Turkish airliner. I was enroute to my first overseas duty assignment in a strange country and I was feeling very alone and anxious. The place looked like a scene from a movie.  I noticed two black Airmen standing together on the opposite side of the terminal. We were complete strangers but they seemed about as happy to see me as I was to see them. I wasn't looking at color. To me they were America and home. Together we represented the uniqueness of American character.

 The problem of illegal immigration would not bother me so much if we were living in the 1950's. A time when children were taught to love and respect this country. We were taught that even though America was flawed we were still the greatest and most exceptional country in the world. Today kids are not taught nationalism. Nationalism is a dirty word. They are taught to believe that America is no more exceptional than Portugal or Sierra Leone. Couple this with political correctness and you have a recipe for our eventual destruction. We no longer demand that immigrants assimilate into our society. This is all done in the name of multi-culturalism and by this we enable them by learning their language instead of making them learn ours. This makes it easier for immigrants not to assimilate. The anti-bullying Democratic Party bullies the rest of us. When we point these things out we are called nativists, bigots, racists and are accused of using hate speech.  The result is the balkanization of America instead of the uniting of America. Instead of E Pluribus Unum (one from many) we are becoming Ex Uno Plures (out of one many)


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

March 1, 1954 / Puerto Rican Terrorists Fire On Congress


  The Treaty of Paris that ended the Spanish American War in 1898 ceded Puerto Rico as a territory to the United States. Spain had owned Puerto Rico for 400 years but just before the war Puerto Rico was granted autonomy. Many Puerto Ricans believed that Spain had no legal right to give away land that it did not own. Puerto Rico adopted its Constitution in 1952 and became an unincorporated, organized territory of the United States with commonwealth status, which angered hardcore nationalists. On March 1, 1954 three men and one woman opened fire on Congress while it was in session with machine pistols from the visitors gallery. They were four Puerto Rican nationalists named Lolita Lebron, Rafael Miranda, Andrés Figueroa Cordero, and Irving Flores Rodríguez.

  That morning they had taken a train into Washington. Miranda suggested that the group postpone the attack because it was late and the weather was rainy. Lolita said "I am alone" and walked toward the inside of the capital. The men looked at each other and decided to follow. When they reached the gallery representatives were on the floor conducting the business of Congress. Lolita gave the order and everyone recited the Lords Prayer. She then stood up and shouted "¡Viva Puerto Rico Libre!" (Long live a Free Puerto Rico!). Lolita then stood up and unfurled the Puerto Rican flag. The group opened fire on the Congressmen below. The terrorists fired thirty rounds from their weapons wounding five representatives. They were Alvin M. Bentley, a Republican from Michigan who was shot in the chest. Clifford Davis of Tennessee who was shot in the leg. Republican Ben F. Jensen from Iowa was shot in the back along with Democrat George Fallon from Maryland and Kenneth Roberts from Alabama. House Pages helped drag Bentley off of the House floor. All of these men would eventually recover.

  The shooters were immediately arrested and Lolita screamed, "I did not come to kill anyone, I came to die for Puerto Rico!" The four were convicted on the charge of attempted murder and were sentenced to seventy years in prison. On appeal all except Miranda received six additional years. Miranda was given eighty-five years because he was considered the primary shooter.. During the trial Lolita's brother Gonzalo Lebrón Jr. testified for the prosecution against his sister. Figueroa Cordero was released from prison in 1978 and President Jimmy Carter pardoned the remaining terrorists the following year.. They would receive a hero's welcome in Puerto Rico by a crowd of five thousand Nationalists when they arrived at San Juan International airport. Since 1952 Puerto Rico has consistently voted to remain an American commonwealth while rejecting statehood.


Monday, April 6, 2015



  The nuclear arms race between America and the Soviet Union started with the Trinity nuclear test at Alamogordo New Mexico on July 16, 1945. America has gone through several phases of development since then. The invention of the hydrogen bomb under President Truman. Eisenhower's (New Look) in which our TRIAD system was developed consisting of strategic bombers. ICBM's or land based intercontinental ballistic missiles and SLBM's or submarine launched ballistic missiles. Eisenhower knew that it was cheaper to build up nuclear forces as opposed to conventional forces. This nuclear build-up was the muscle behind Eisenhower's policy of Massive Retaliation. During the 1960 presidential election Kennedy made the charge that there was a missile gap between America and the Soviet Union. There was a missile gap but America was not on the short end of the stick. We had a 17 to 1 nuclear superiority over the Soviet Union.This American superiority prompted Khrushchev to risk placing medium range nuclear missiles in Cuba in order establish parity between the two countries. From Cuba these missiles could reach most of the continental United States. What Khrushchev wasn't counting on was a firm stand by John Kennedy who demanded that the Soviet Union remove the missiles which nearly led to World War III in October 1962. It was also because of our nuclear superiority that Russia felt compelled to remove them.The Cuban Missile Crisis would lead to Khrushchev's downfall in 1964 and a firm commitment by Soviet leaders never to suffer this kind of humiliation again.

  MAD or mutual assured destruction became our nuclear policy after the Cuban Missile Crisis. The policy was truly mad because it was based on the idea that since both the United States and Russia would potentially be destroyed in a nuclear exchange this in itself would be a deterrent to war. Kennedy employed a measurable response against the Soviets, which was a strategy used successfully during the Cuban Missile Crisis but unsuccessfully in Vietnam. All during the 1960's there was a massive build-up of nuclear weapons by the Soviet Union. By 1968, the year I joined the Air Force, Russia was pulling ahead of the United States in sheer numbers of nuclear weapons and achieving nuclear parity. To counter this superiority America developed MIRV technology or Multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle which allowed us to keep up with the Soviets at a cheaper price. Simply put this was multiple warheads on a single missile that could destroy multiple targets. Russia was always behind America in technology and could only keep in the game by it's spy network which stole much of that technology.

  As a child of the 1950's and 60's I was terrified by the thought of nuclear war. It was much on our minds. My neighbors were building fallout shelters and we were doing duck and cover drills at school. Hollywood was making movies like On The Beach, Fail Safe, and Dr. Strangelove. In 1971 while stationed at NORAD in Cheyenne Mountain Colorado I was promoted to SSgt and was chosen to be a security escort for CINC NORAD who was an American Air Force four star general by the name of Seth McKee. I was also responsible for the security of a Canadian three star general whose name escapes me now. NORAD was a joint American and Canadian command. Being in this position I escorted not only the generals but many visiting foreign and domestic dignitaries who were their guests. In addition to this I escorted the public tours that came through NORAD. This gave me the opportunity to listen to many briefings on the state of America's nuclear offensive and defensive capabilities. On one particular occasion a tour I was escorting was chased out of Command Post because the Soviets were testing how quickly we were able to respond to a penetration of our airspace by their bombers. These briefings made me realize something very shocking. America could destroy the Soviet Union many times over but it could not defend American cities from a nuclear attack. What was even more disturbing was the fact that there were glaring vulnerabilities in our ability to detect an attack.

  The briefing officer would explain that an attack coming from the north, or over the Eurasian land mass, would be detected by the DEW line or Distant Early Warning Line, which was tasked to protect all of North America. It was a string of radar sites that stretched from the Aleutian Islands through to Canada, Greenland and on to Diyarbikir Turkey. I traveled there four times to call my wife Debbie while I was stationed in Turkey. It was a dangerous trip that took hours from our base at Erhac through eastern Turkey and over some pretty bad roads and mountainous terrain. The airmen at Dyarbikir used to brag that they could hear the Russian pilots brushing their teeth in the morning. The DEW line could give us about a thirty minute warning if we were attacked by ICBM's and even longer if it was in the form of a bomber attack. In Command Post at NORAD there was a huge screen that was three stories tall and it displayed a radar image of the North American continent. The briefing officer would point out dots that represented Soviet nuclear subs that sat just off of America's coasts. Of course we had American subs sitting off of their coasts. If we were attacked from the east or west coast we might get a fifteen minute warning if we were lucky. From the Gulf there was even less radar protection and the chances for detection were even less. The political left has always believed that having an anti-ballistic missile defense system would make nuclear war more likely. If a country is able to defend it's population centers that would embolden that country to attempt a first strike. As a result the Democratic Party has always voted against an ABM system. I have always been of the opinion that not having an ABM system is immoral.

  The Nixon administration was pursuing a policy of Detente. The definition of detente is the relaxation of strained relations or tensions (as between nations). This policy was a huge mistake in my opinion. As usual America was coming up on the short end of the stick. Detente worked to the Soviets advantage. The biggest headache for Soviet leaders was always feeding their people and providing the basic necessities of life to the average citizen. Detente led Nixon to arrange sweetheart grain deals for the Russians. The idea was to help American farmers while at the same it helped Soviet leader Brezhnev feed his people. The Soviets took advantage of the deal and bought up so much grain that it caused bread shortages in the United States which caused bread prices to rise. I began to realize during this time that Detente extended the life of a Soviet empire that was bound to fail otherwise. Ronald Reagan had realized this years earlier and was very much against Detente. Reagan was not interested in extending the life of the (Evil Empire) as he correctly called it. He did not want to contain it. He wanted to destroy it. In the late 1970's Reagan visited NORAD and listened to the same briefing that I had heard many times. He realized how vulnerable that American citizens were in the event of a nuclear attack and this was the origins of SDI or Strategic Defense Initiative in his mind. The left has derisively called it Star Wars ever since. However SDI would be a key factor in Reagan's negotiations with Gorbachev. The Soviet leader knew that Russia did not have the technological capability of building it's own SDI system. The liberals in this country derided SDI as folly but the Soviets were greatly concerned about it and looked upon it as a serious threat. Gorbachev was smart enough to seriously negotiate with Reagan and reduce his country's stockpile of nuclear weapons but it would not be enough to save the Soviet Empire in the end. The people were tired of shortages and the lack of freedom.

  Although I know very little about the recent deal that Obama has negotiated with the Iranians, other than what I have heard in the news, I am inclined to believe that as in the case of Detente again we are making a huge mistake. The big difference is that this mistake can have consequences that could lead to World War III for sure, and the deaths of millions of people. MAD or Mutual Assured Destruction was an effective policy only because neither side was willing to risk a nuclear war and possible total destruction. Russia was an evil empire but it;s leaders were not stupid. The Iranian leadership is not only evil but they are fanatics who have expressed the desire to destroy both Israel and the United States many times since 1979. They are however similar to the Soviets in one respect. The Iranian people yearn for freedom and are tired of the Muslim hard line regime just like the Russian people were tired of the Communists. Obama brags that the sanctions brought Iran to the negotiating table. If that is true then why would you want to lift the sanctions that were working. Instead of enabling the Iranians to acquire nuclear weapons allow the sanctions to bring down the Iranian regime.This is what they fear more than anything else. Now they laugh at our naivete. Whenever I see Obama gloating over this so-called agreement I think of Neville Chamberlain's brag of "Peace in our time". The goal of the Iranians is like Hitler to bring about a Final Solution. Yet the Iranian solution is not just to bring about a Final Solution of the Jewish question but the Christian question as well.

Tunnel entrance to NORAD

NORAD Tunnel

SSgt Greg Segroves checking a line badge at the blast doors

The 20 ton blast doors

CINC NORAD - General Seth McKee

American MIRV

Russian Bear Bomber

A Russian nuclear sub firing a SLBM  or Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile 

Ali Khamenei

Satelite picture of an Iranian ballistic missile