Thursday, April 23, 2015

E Pluribus Unum to Ex Uno Plures

  The other day I saw a news story on a local station about illegal alien teenagers graduating from some school. The reporter called them undocumented aliens and of course I sat there screaming at the screen. "No they are illegal". All I ever see in the local or national Democratic news media are positive stories about them. There are no segments about the financial and cultural cost of illegal immigration They never report on the negative impact that they are having on America. On our school system, medical system, justice system, welfare, and entitlement system. Or the way that cheap labor forces down the wages of everyday Americans and undermines our Republic through voter fraud. These particular kids in the news story looked clean cut and are probably going to be contributing members of American society. No nation on earth however can sustain an unlimited flow of illegal immigrants as we are doing today. Like a plumber, we turn off the water supply. Then we can fix the leak and repair the damage. Until we secure our borders nothing constructive can be done to repair the damage of illegal immigration. In the meantime we are committing national suicide. 

  Growing up in the 1950's and 60's we were taught that America was a melting pot. A place where people of all ethnic origins assimilated into a unique American culture. Sometimes the pressure to assimilate was such that immigrants with foreign sounding last names changed them into more Americanized versions or took on a new name altogether. Many times by the second or third generation children and grandchildren of immigrants had forgotten their original language and culture. I do not have a problem with a person keeping their original name and remembering their language and culture. As long as they adopt the culture, language and national identity of being an American. Being an American becomes their main priority. I realized early on that America was a nation of immigrants and they had been the engine of our economy through new inventions and industries. Andrew Carnegie, Nikola Tesla, Richard Trvithick, Anita Roddick, Carlos Slim and the list goes on and on. This is not counting the scientists and statesmen like Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi or Albert Gallatin and Henry Kissinger.

  I was proud of America's melting pot. In the Air Force I served with guys who had last names like Smith, Rodriguez, Rickenbacker, Camacho, who was Guamanian and Makarowski who had been born in Poland. Yes, America had it's flaws. Many, if not most black people did not feel that they had become a part of the melting pot and neither did the American Indian. Yet I will never forget the time that I flew into Istanbul Turkey's airport, about midnight  on a Turkish airliner. I was enroute to my first overseas duty assignment in a strange country and I was feeling very alone and anxious. The place looked like a scene from a movie.  I noticed two black Airmen standing together on the opposite side of the terminal. We were complete strangers but they seemed about as happy to see me as I was to see them. I wasn't looking at color. To me they were America and home. Together we represented the uniqueness of American character.

 The problem of illegal immigration would not bother me so much if we were living in the 1950's. A time when children were taught to love and respect this country. We were taught that even though America was flawed we were still the greatest and most exceptional country in the world. Today kids are not taught nationalism. Nationalism is a dirty word. They are taught to believe that America is no more exceptional than Portugal or Sierra Leone. Couple this with political correctness and you have a recipe for our eventual destruction. We no longer demand that immigrants assimilate into our society. This is all done in the name of multi-culturalism and by this we enable them by learning their language instead of making them learn ours. This makes it easier for immigrants not to assimilate. The anti-bullying Democratic Party bullies the rest of us. When we point these things out we are called nativists, bigots, racists and are accused of using hate speech.  The result is the balkanization of America instead of the uniting of America. Instead of E Pluribus Unum (one from many) we are becoming Ex Uno Plures (out of one many)



  1. Excellent report! Radio Talk Show Host, scientist and author, Michael Savage, says it best: What defines a Country:
    BORDERS, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE. These three are intrinsic to the identity and sovereignty of any free nation.
    Working in the mall, I encountered Chinese business owners who had no interest in learning any more English than necessary to complete a sales transaction. I even offered to teach them English, at no charge! They simply want to make money and keep themselves walled off from our language and culture. On the other hand, I met an ambitious young man from Bangladesh who loves everything about America and felt blessed to live here. He is a Muslim by birth, but is very open to learn the tenets of Christianity and the founding principles that makes the U.S. exceptional. He is amazed at the open, religious freedoms here. Educated, bright and positive, his attitude will bring him much success in America.

  2. I agree. I have had a lot of talks with him since you left and he is an excellent candidate for citizenship. He loves this country.

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