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Robert and Mary Custis Lee loved their plantation called Arlington. Mary was the daughter of George Washington Parke Custis, the original owner of Arlington and grandson of George and Martha Washington. He owned 1100 acres and willed the property and Arlington house to Mary upon his death. Mary and Robert E. Lee were married in 1831. After the Civil War began on April 12, 1861 Mary was forced to leave Arlington house just before it was occupied by Union troops on May 24th. The Lee's would never live at Arlington again. When Mary tried to pay the property tax bill of 92.07 via a friend the payment was rejected. The Federal government would only accept the payment if Robert or Mary Lee paid in person. Since the war was in full swing by this time that was not possible. In January 1864 the property was sold at auction and bought by the Federal government for 26,800. This would be over 506, 000 dollars in today's money.   U.S. Army Quartermaster General Montgomery Meigs was a pr…


I am very proud of my military service and I frequently wear my Air Force ball caps and jackets out in public places. It is humbling to me when people go out of their way to thank me for my service. It usually catches me by surprise and all I can think to say is thank you in return. What I really want to tell them is that I consider myself blessed that I had the opportunity to serve my country. Not everyone gets that opportunity. I am also humbled because my service was modest compared to those who sacrificed their lives, limbs, health, and minds. They are in a higher category as far as I am concerned. Yet all veterans, that served honorably, belong to a special band of brothers and sisters. We all put our hand up and swore to uphold the Constitution and gave the government a blank check to spend our lives in anyway necessary to fulfill the mission. One thing I have learned over the years is that it doesn't matter whether you die on the Sands of Iwo Jima, the streets of Hue, in…