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I am constantly hearing Democrats tout the word divisive regarding Republicans, When I refer to Democrats I am primarily referring to the leadership of the Democrat Party. Not the rank and file, although many of them are unhinged right now and are part of a mob mentality. I know that there are many good Democrats who would agree with me on many things but because of family history and tradition they can't let go of the past. Democrats accuse Republican Presidents, and Trump supporters as being divisive. We are the "Deplorables". This kind and unifying term was coined by Hillary Clinton. Somehow the Democrats are never divisive. It is always the Republicans and Conservatives that are divisive. First of all the Founding Fathers wanted us to be divided. They purposely designed our government to have checks and balances. If we all agreed on everything that would not be good. They did not intend, however; for us to be so divided that we resorted to armed conflict or were d…


As we approach the one hundred year anniversary of the end of WW1 and Veterans Day I just want to give my opinion of the war. In my view WW1 was a war that should never have been fought. There was no justification for it. The war started in the Summer of 1914 over the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife by a Serbian nationalist. The Great War, as it was called, would destroy the Austro-Hungarian empire and make it possible for a group of Communist thugs to take control of Russia. One tyrannical government would be replaced by one that was much worse. By the Spring of 1918 the Germans, British, and French had been bled white by this senseless war. On March 21, 1918 the German's launched the Ludendorf Offensive. This was a last ditch effort to defeat the British and French before the vast resources and manpower of the United States would stack the odds against them. The British and French were barely able to stop the Germans. Without reinforcements the Al…