Monday, November 5, 2018



  I am constantly hearing Democrats tout the word divisive regarding Republicans, When I refer to Democrats I am primarily referring to the leadership of the Democrat Party. Not the rank and file, although many of them are unhinged right now and are part of a mob mentality. I know that there are many good Democrats who would agree with me on many things but because of family history and tradition they can't let go of the past. Democrats accuse Republican Presidents, and Trump supporters as being divisive. We are the "Deplorables". This kind and unifying term was coined by Hillary Clinton. Somehow the Democrats are never divisive. It is always the Republicans and Conservatives that are divisive. First of all the Founding Fathers wanted us to be divided. They purposely designed our government to have checks and balances. If we all agreed on everything that would not be good. They did not intend, however; for us to be so divided that we resorted to armed conflict or were disrespectful of the rule of law. The Founding Fathers only acknowledged the right of revolution as a last resort. Sometimes the majority can be wrong and a Republic is designed to protect the right of the individual and the minority. Much of the time, if not most of the time, the majority can be right.  Let's look at who is really divisive in modern day America. The Democrats divide us by race, class, and sex. They have perpetuated the lie that White Police officers put on their uniform every morning with the intent of harassing or killing a Black person. Statistics do not bear this out. Obama helped perpetuate the lie that a White police officer killed Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri while Brown stood there with his hands up in surrender. Obama's own Justice Department proved that Brown was in the process of attacking the officer when he was shot. This lie, however; was the basis for the founding of Black Lives Matter. A group that has instigated the ambush and killing of White police officers across America. Especially in Dallas Texas. Remember the chant about killing pigs and frying them like bacon. I have never heard Trump or his supporters utter this kind of rhetoric. Yet Black leaders like Obama and others totally ignore the carnage caused by Black on Black crime in the major cities.  We are always hearing about equal pay for equal work for women when they are the fastest growing professional class in America. More women are graduating from college than men. To hear the Democrats talk men are still trying to keep women barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen. If you are wealthy, a woman, Black, White, Asian, Hispanic, or homosexual you are only legitimate if you are a Democrat. The Democrats and Obama pushed through Obamacare when the vast majority of the American people were against it and have remained against it throughout. They pushed same sex marriage down our throat when the majority of Americans were against it. The vast majority of the states had voted against it in state referendums before the Supreme Court in an unlawful ruling legitimized it. Even crazy California overwhelmingly voted against same sex marriage. When the liberal State Supreme court in Massachusetts legitimized same sex marriage in 2003 a poll revealed that 66% of the states population was against same sex marriage. Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the Union. Polls reveal that because of the ultrasound a majority of people in the U.S. are now Pro-Life. When you ask Pro-Choice people whether they believe in restrictions on abortion even they are in agreement that some abortions are unnecessary. The vast majority of the American people are against partial birth abortion. Yet the Democrat Party fiercely fights for the right of a woman to have an abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. Since 1973 they have rigidly fought for this bogus right and refuse to consider compromise on their position. Yet the Democrat Party expects those of us who believe in the inalienable right of self defense, guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment, to relinquish that right. The majority of Americans believe in the 2nd Amendment. A majority of Americans are in favor of securing our borders and protecting our sovereignty. The Democrats are opposed to this. A majority of Americans love their country, support our flag and our military. The Democrat Party hates America and blames the worlds problems on America. Democrats have pushed for restrictions on our religious freedom and freedom of speech guaranteed in our 1st Amendment. They do this by classifying free speech as hate speech. Political correctness is used to silence opposition. Business owners are fined and imprisoned for refusing to participate in same sex marriages. So ask yourself. Who is the party of division?  It goes way beyond just a difference of opinion. Majority opinion is ignored. The silent majority, however; is not as silent as it used to be and this is what drives them crazy. Trump gives voice to our frustrations. This is why we love him. Theodore Roosevelt once said that when a president stands by the people the people will stand by him. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018


  As we approach the one hundred year anniversary of the end of WW1 and Veterans Day I just want to give my opinion of the war. In my view WW1 was a war that should never have been fought. There was no justification for it. The war started in the Summer of 1914 over the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife by a Serbian nationalist. The Great War, as it was called, would destroy the Austro-Hungarian empire and make it possible for a group of Communist thugs to take control of Russia. One tyrannical government would be replaced by one that was much worse. By the Spring of 1918 the Germans, British, and French had been bled white by this senseless war. On March 21, 1918 the German's launched the Ludendorf Offensive. This was a last ditch effort to defeat the British and French before the vast resources and manpower of the United States would stack the odds against them. The British and French were barely able to stop the Germans. Without reinforcements the Allies were in no shape to launch a counteroffensive to exploit their victory. The war was temporarily stalemated. America declared war on Germany on April 6, 1917. This was a great mistake on our part. We had no business getting into that war. Our justification was Germany's unrestricted submarine warfare against our shipping. In Germany's defense they were fighting for their survival and unrestricted submarine warfare made sense from a military standpoint. We were not exactly neutral bystanders. America was supplying material aid to England and France in our transport ships. After our declaration of war it took a while for the Americans to get their troops to the front lines in any great numbers. The British & French wanted to integrate American troops into their own units so as to get them to the front quicker. To General John Pershing's credit he insisted on Americans fighting in American units and under American commanders. When American troops did arrive on the Western Front it breathed new life into the British and French war effort. Our fresh troops enabled the French and Germans to launch a counteroffensive that would drive the Germans out of France toward Germany's border. The threat of Germany's collapse would compel German leaders to ask for an armistice. The problem with an armistice is that there is no clear winner or loser. An armistice is an agreement by both sides to a ceasefire. The Allies were okay with this because Britain lost 750,000 men in this war. France Lost 1.4 million and a whole generation of young men. American losses were 116,708. This was a drop in the bucket compared to Europe's numbers but very heavy considering that we were only in the war for about eighteen months. We were only heavily involved for less than a year. Over 60,000 of these troops died as a result of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic. This war produced the worst casualties of any war in world history until that point. Ten million soldiers died from all nations involved. In addition there were seven million civilian casualties. Although Germany agreed to an armistice they were forced to agree to some harsh terms. They were forced to pay heavy reparations to the allied powers. These reparations would help fuel a period of hyperinflation that would give rise to the popularity of Adolph Hitler. It was during the hyperinflation period that Hitler became known in Germany. Hitler was able to grow the Nazi Party. When the economy began to improve Hitler's influence waned. The worldwide depression of the early thirties would catapult him into the powerful position of German Chancellor. Germany was also forced to form a Democratic government which came to be called the Weimar Republic. This transition from monarchy to Democracy might have worked. The German tradition of militarism, the economic stresses of hyperinflation and the depression contributed to it's collapse. Finally the armistice gave rise to Hitlers "Big Lie" that Germany had been stabbed in the back by the Jews. He capitalized on Europes historic anti-Semitism which made this lie appealing to many Germans. The terms of the armistice forced Germany to diminish its navy and army to a purely defensive force. This was a mark of shame for a country so steeped in military tradition.

  It is my belief that if America had remained neutral and not involved itself in this nonsensical Euopean bloodbath World War Two might have been prevented. The French and Germans would have been forced to end the war on terms more favorable to the Germans. This would have robbed Hitler of his " Stab in the back" lie directed at the Jews. England was nearly bankrupted by the war and began it's decline as a world power. France was bled white. Without the ability to win an outright victory an armistice would have been the only solution for Britain, France and Germany. Germany would not have gone through such economic turmoil. At least early on. World War Two was simply a renewal of the unresolved issues from World War One. Because of the tremendous loss of life and treasure on the allied side England, France, and ultimately America were very reluctant to go to war again. They were very eager in 1914 and very reluctant in 1939. This was very unfortunate because Hitler was a real threat to world peace. If France and England had stood up to Hitler as early as his invasion of the Rhineland in 1936 Hitler might have been contained. Even he admitted to this. Britain and France were so reluctant to go to war that when they finally did it was almost too late. The world would sacrifice 60 million people in World War Two. Although America had a long tradition of isolationism World War One hardened that isolationism. Because of our needless sacrifice the vast majority of Americans were against entering another foreign war. A poll taken before Pearl Harbor revealed that 94% of the American people were against going to war. Pearl Harbor changed us overnight but we were wanting to go to war against the Japanese and not the German's. A Gallop poll taken after Pearl Harbor revealed that 97% were in favor of going to war. Hitlers declaration of war on the U.S. four days after Pearl Harbor changed our attitude toward Germany. This Veterans Day will not only be the day to honor our Veterans but it will be the hundred year anniversary of the end of the 2nd worst war in world history. Until 1954 Veterans Day was called Armistice Day. I am old enough that I remember WW1 veterans. My grandparents told me about whistles blowing and bells ringing in celebration when the end of the war was announced. They said that people danced in the streets. November 11th should be a day that we honor our veterans and the veterans of that war. The Great War should be a reminder for us to choose our wars wisely. We shouldn't rush into a war without knowing that we are fully justified. On the other hand we should never be reluctant to contain a real threat to peace when it arises.

1. There are 16.1 million living veterans today.

2. 5.2 million veterans served in peace time.

3. Two million veterans are women.

4. Seven million veterans served during the Vietnam War. - I served during Vietnam

5. 5.5 million veterans served during the Persian Gulf War - I served during the Persian Gulf War

6. Of the 16 million Americans who served during World War II, about 558,000 are still alive.

7. 2 million veterans served during the Korean War

8. Six million veterans served in peace time.