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The Slippery Slope

I am always struck by the naivete of my anti-gun friends when I talk about the slippery slope of gun control legislation. They think that I am being too conspiratorial or paranoid when I am opposed to what they consider as common sense gun laws. England has completely banned guns in recent years. I am listing a timeline of the slippery slope toward the total banning of guns in England. The following facts are from Glen Beck's book Control. 
1689- King William of Orange guarantees his subjects (except Catholics) the right to bear arms for self defense in a new Bill of Rights. 
1819- In response to civil unrest , a temporary Seizure of Arms Act is passed; it allows constables to search for, and confiscate, arms from people who are " dangerous to the public peace" This law expired after two years. 
1870- A license is needed only if you want to carry a fire-arm outside of your home. 
1903- The Pistols Act is introduced and seems to be full of common sense. No guns for dru…

Hillary And The Issues

All we do is bash the candidates and we never discuss the issues. At least that is what Trump supporters are accused of. I will try my best not to bash Hillary but a bash or two might creep out, just for old times sake, but I will try to restrain myself. The following points are the issues as I see them, if Hillary is elected.
The Economy
The economy will continue to be bad or anemic at best. Growth will be around 2% or less. Adult children will continue to mooch off of their parents and grandparents because they can't make enough to move out. Far too many people will have to work two or three part time jobs just to make ends meet. In the past most Americans did this to save up for that dream vacation, car or boat. Now they do it just to survive. Hopefully there wont be a total economic collapse, or a collapse of our currency during her administration. Nearly half the population will be on welfare or government aid of some kind. Almost 100 million people are now permanently unemp…

The Liberal Art Of Mind Reading

One thing that I have found out about racists is that sooner or later, by some action or word, they will reveal that they are racist. I have also discovered over the years that I am not a mind reader. Until they say or do something racist I withhold judgment. Liberals seem to believe that they are mind readers. If you disagree with them on something they just automatically assume that you are motivated by racism. Since the term redneck is usually associated with racism, I will be using the Jeff Foxworthy model on the following examples. Actually the term redneck is a historical term describing the working class in the South. The Bourbon class denotes that a person is from the Southern aristocracy. Historically a redneck doesn't necessarily mean that a person is racist. Under this definition, I am a redneck. So I apologize in advance if I offend any of my fellow rednecks out there. 
1. If you dislike Barack Obama and you disagree with him politically you might not be a redneck. …


In the Spring of 1981, Chicago  Democratic Mayor Jayne Byrne, and her husband, rented an apartment in Cabrini-Green, one of the worst housing projects in Chicago. More than 13,500 people lived there. Even then it was a crime ridden, drug infested section of Chicago. Byrne had been criticized because the Black community there felt like she wasn't doing enough to deter a recent increase in shootings in Cabrini-Green. She only lived there for three weeks. Cabrini-Green residents began to notice a drastic change. When a mayor moves into your neighborhood much of city services like sanitation and extra police protection go with you. The projects were cleaned up and because of extra police presence the thugs left or went underground. People were seen strolling with their families and playing with their kids in the parks like you might see people doing in the suburbs.
  In the early 1990's I read a book called (Lets Take Back Our Streets) by Reuben Greenberg. He was the Black poli…