Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hillary And The Issues

All we do is bash the candidates and we never discuss the issues. At least that is what Trump supporters are accused of. I will try my best not to bash Hillary but a bash or two might creep out, just for old times sake, but I will try to restrain myself. The following points are the issues as I see them, if Hillary is elected.

The Economy

The economy will continue to be bad or anemic at best. Growth will be around 2% or less. Adult children will continue to mooch off of their parents and grandparents because they can't make enough to move out. Far too many people will have to work two or three part time jobs just to make ends meet. In the past most Americans did this to save up for that dream vacation, car or boat. Now they do it just to survive. Hopefully there wont be a total economic collapse, or a collapse of our currency during her administration. Nearly half the population will be on welfare or government aid of some kind. Almost 100 million people are now permanently unemployed and not counted in the unemployment statistics. That number will probably grow under a Hillary presidency.


Obamacare will continue to fail. Insurance companies will continue to drop out. Medical costs will skyrocket even more. Obamacare will continue to compel companies to hire part-time employees rather than full time, and to cause high unemployment. Ultimately, as it was designed to do, Obamacare will fail and American's will demand a single payer system. Then my fellow American's, we will all be screwed. 


Taxes will continue to be high and will go higher. This will contribute greatly to a poor or worsening economy.

The Deficit

It will continue to grow at an even faster rate. Bush's deficit was around 9 trillion, Obama's will be about 20 trillion and I anticipate that if Hillary's health problems don't take her down, she will probably double Obama's deficit, if not more.

Illegal Immigration

The invasion will continue. Illegal immigration is a voter registration drive for the Democratic Party and a cheap labor source for the establishment Republicans and the Chamber of Commerce. As the nation sinks deeper and deeper into anarchy the welfare rolls will increase, prison populations will increase, the financial strain on our educational and medical systems will increase, and American wages will continue to decline as we compete against cheap labor. Last but not least, there will be the inevitable rise in the cost of security as terrorism increases.

The Islamic Invasion Instigated By The Muslim Brotherhood Will Continue Unabated

The Muslim population will continue to explode in America. More and more communities will become Muslim and more areas will be ruled by Sharia law. Because of political correctness they will ultimately make great inroads into American society. Innocent people in great numbers will die from the increase in terrorist attacks. We will eventually be a third world country through the combination of Muslim immigration and illegal immigration. America will suffer the violence, poverty, and disease associated with third world countries.
The Military and National Security

The once great American military machine will continue to decline. Our nuclear forces will continue to decay. The quality of our military hardware and weapons systems will continue to decline. Because of political correctness, social experimentation, and the inclusion of females into combat units, the combat effectiveness of our troops will be laughable. Since we no longer have a space program to speak of, and China is making great strides toward space exploration, the chances of their militarizing space is great. They and the Russian's will eventually back us down and we only be a weak paper tiger. The Chinese are quickly replacing us as the dominant power in the Pacific and the Russians buzz our ships at will. There will continue to be no defense against EMP weapons that can fry our electrical grids and can send us back to the Stone ages. America will continue to be defenseless against a nuclear missile attack. After the purge of our officer corps and intelligence apparatus, with Obama sycophants, we will continue to have poor leadership, a less aggressive, more feminine, and incompetent military. Ultimately, we will be closer to the apocalypse as Iran acquires the bomb thanks to Hillary and Obama. The threat of nuclear war will be greater than ever.

Race Relations

Racial tensions will continue to worsen. White police officers will continue to be targeted and anarchy in the streets will prevail. As the police draw back from confrontation crime and the carnage of Black people in the inner city will increase. The Democratic Party will continue to prey on the fears and suspicions of Black people. 

Our Fundamental Liberties Will Be Under Constant Pressure and Attack

Because of the loss of the Supreme Court, it will become a rubber stamp for any Democratic ideology that comes down the pike. Our right of self defense will be challenged, along with religious liberties, and freedom of speech. The tyranny of political correctness that now plagues our college campuses, will be enacted into law. People will go to jail for what they think and say. If you think this thinking is far fetched or conspiratorial you do so at your own peril. 

These are just some of the issues. Eight years from now, if I haven't put a bullet in my brain, or I haven't died from a heart attack caused by the stress of a Hillary presidency, I will look back on this and judge how accurate I have been in my predictions. I cannot accurately predict what Trump will do but for the most part his rhetoric points us in a direction that I am more willing to go as an American. People want to talk about the issues. These are the issues that we will face. If Hillary is elected it will not be pretty. As for myself, freedom will be defended.

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