Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Power Of Virtuous Women

Proverbs 31:10
Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

Occasionally I see bumper stickers or tee shirts that say well behaved women seldom make history. My problem with the so-called feminist movement is that it teaches that bad behavior is something to be admired and honored. Just like the counterculture has taught us that rebellion for the sake of rebellion or disrespecting authority is a good thing. If it feels good do it. Thus the entitled generation.There is even a book titled (Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History) by Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. I am familiar with four of the six women in the above picture and I don't think these four women are necessarily known for their bad behavior. Marie Curie did pioneering research on radioactivity. Joan of Arc was martyred for being obedient to God. At least in her own mind. Maria Montessori was an educator who started the Montessori school system and tried to help mentally disabled children and juvenile delinquents among others. The fourth woman in the picture I am familiar with is Rosa Parks. Many think that Rosa Parks was tired after a long day at work and just on a whim she decided to violate Montgomery's segregation laws by refusing to give up her seat. There is some truth to this. She was tired after a long day at work. However the Montgomery civic leaders had been planning a Rosa Parks moment for months. They wanted a test case where they could challenge Montgomery's unjust segregation laws. Rosa Parks was picked to do this because of her normally good behavior and respected image in the community. On the other hand very few people have ever heard of Claudette Colvin. 
Claudette Colvin
  Nine months before Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat, fifteen year old Claudette Colvin refused to give up her seat on March 2, 1955. Colvin had been studying Black history during what was then called Negro History month that February in her segregated school. She was inspired by Black heroines like Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth. When two White police officers showed up to force her to move she declared that it was her constitutional right and she wasn't moving. She was arrested, removed from the bus, and jailed. Her protest was a completely heroic and spontaneous act. Unlike Rosa Parks it had not been planned in advance. Colvin wanted to fight her arrest in court but the NAACP, ACLU and the Black civic leaders wanted someone older than Colvin . A lighter skinned black person and a good example from the black Middle class. Colvin was shunned by parts of the black community after her arrest. Her ultimate fate was sealed when she became pregnant out of wedlock. Good girls, black or white, did not do this in the 1950's. Rosa Parks was a hero but this girls action deserves even greater recognition in my opinion. Claudette Colvin's name is lost to history.

 I am a real feminist and always have been. In my opinion, women should be able to go as far as their talents can take them. Just like a man should be able to do. Women have made strong leaders. Queen Elizabeth 1, Queen Victoria, Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir, just to name a few. It surprises me sometimes how many women do not agree with me. Many women think that they are not strong enough to be leaders. I would vote for a woman for president in a heartbeat if the right one came along. Carly Fiorina was my first pick, even before Ted Cruz in 2016 but she wasn't able to gain any traction. If a woman can perform as well as a man in any job, physically, mentally and emotionally they should be hired for that job. However physical standards should not be lowered to accommodate women. Nor do I believe that women should serve in combat units. Mainly to maintain combat effectiveness and unit cohesion. Sexual tension, and physical strength differences, have no place in combat units. Exceptions to this rule could be Russia in WW2. It was fighting for it's very survival and Israel, which is in a similar situation, most of the time. Although there are women in the Israeli Army, even the Israeli's don't like to use them in combat. I am all for women serving in support units however.

The pseudo feminist movement in this country insists that women worship at the alter of abortion, or pro-choice, which is no choice at all. A woman choosing to keep her baby is not their first choice. They only support women whose choice is to be a Democrat. A women who chooses to be a Republican or a Conservative is not much better than a whore. They definitely do not celebrate the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31:10 or the millions of virtuous women like my wife who have raised 5 virtuous people including 3 virtuous women. Nor the impact women like my wife have had on their grandchildren that she had a hand in raising. The hand that rocks the cradle truly rules the world. Why should a woman have to misbehave in order to go down in history? Men are not required to do that. Claudette Colvin and Rosa Parks were good women placed in an intolerable situation. Why should I believe that my wife or daughters wouldn't do the same thing in a similar situation? No one would even know who U.S.Grant was had there not been a Civil War. More than likely he would have died in obscurity. The feminist movement has done it's fair share to destroy the family and denigrate the American male. Modern feminism, like liberalism itself, encourages bad and destructive behavior. It is character that makes great people and great leaders. In that category I put my money on the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31:10.