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This question has been pondered by historians for years. Personally I am not a Southern apologist or a Neo Confederate.. I have no romantic view of the old South and I like the new South better. I am a realist however. As far as racism and the plight of blacks in this country the North was no paradise. To paraphrase Malcolm X he once said that people should quit picking on the South. Once you cross the Canadian border you are in the South. He could say this with authority since he was born in East Lansing Michigan and had lived for most of his life in Boston and New York City. He only visited the South once and that was not long before his death. Malcolm experienced blatant racism for most of his life. Which made his mind a fertile ground for the radical views of the Black Muslim movement. Several members of his family, including his father, had been lynched in the North by the KKK. Before the Civil War the plight of free blacks in the North was in some ways worse than that of the …


It was August 1968, and a broiling hot day at Lackland AFB Texas. My training Flight was lying in the prone position waiting for the command to commence. firing from the range T.I. or Training Instructor. While milling around waiting for our turn to fire, our T.I. had asked all of us where we were from. I told him Tennessee and a kid next to me said North Carolina. He said "Well we got a couple of Alvin York's in our midst". I looked at the kid from North Carolina and he had the same scared look on his face that I am sure that I had. What the T.I. didn't know was that my experience with firearms were limited to firing my dads shotgun a couple of times and the one time that he let me fire a few shots with his 22 caliber pistol at a glass bottle perched on the bank of the Cumberland River near our house in West Nashville. I never hit the bottle.. Now, I was getting ready to fire an M-16 rifle capable of both semi-automatic and fully automatic fire. If there is such …


I will never forget the day in the Spring of 1971, while stationed at Erhac Turkey, We had just returned from the firing range and were cleaning our weapons. There was a group of us, both black and white Security Policemen, gathered in a trailer and talking about our favorite singers as we worked. One of our group was a white guy that we nicknamed "Pilgrim" because he was from Massachusetts. Someone said that their favorite singer was James Brown. Incredibly Pilgrim blurted out. ""I don't like James Brown. He's a nigger". Suddenly all of the air was sucked out of the room for a moment. All of us, black and white, turned and looked at him in a state of shock. Pilgrim continued cleaning his rifle as if he was unaware of what he had just said. Then he suddenly looked up with an aw shit look on his face as the realization of where he was at and what he had said hit home . Just then all hell broke loose as some of the blacks closest to Pilgrim tried to ta…

Tibor Rubin

Tibor Rubin was a Hungerian Jew born on June 18, 1929. At the age of 13 the Nazi's sent him and his family to Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. The SS guards told him and the other Jews that nobody would leave alive. He was liberated by American troops two years later. His parents and two sisters would die in the holocaust. Rubin was so touched by the kindness of the American soldiers that he wanted to be, in his words, a "G.I. Joe". He came to the United States in 1948 and settled in New York. In 1949 he tried to achieve his dream of becoming a soldier and gaining American citizenship by enlisting. Rubin couldn't speak English and failed the language test. In February 1950 he tried again and with the help of two test takers was able to pass. After entering the army he was stationed in Okinawa. On June 25, 1950 the North Koreans invaded South Korea and because Rubin was a Hungarian national he was given the option of remaining in Okinawa but he refus…


I could respect the opinions of the political left, the Democratic Party, and the Democratic media, if they would just be consistent but it ain't gonna happen. The hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center. See we can name call as good as they can, and other leftists consider the actions of Pamela Geller, who sponsored a cartoon competition in Garland Texas, to be racist and provocative. She has also been described as an incendiary. Yet they celebrate the right of people to burn the American flag or walk and dance on it. Not considering my feelings as a patriotic American and a veteran or those veterans who have fought and bled for that flag. They honor the freedom of expression of the so-called artists who paint pictures of a crucifix submerged in urine and the desecration of other Christian symbols but not caring about the feelings of Christians. On top of that we are forced to pay for this garbage with our tax money. I am not aware of a Jihad movement in Christianity to av…