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Liberal Bias In Entertainment

My wife is hooked on the television show Law And Order (SVU). She not only watches all of the current episodes but all of the reruns. I avoid prime-time television like the plague because of the liberal bias displayed on just about everything that you watch these days. While she is watching television I try to work on my computer. To be fair Law And Order, at times, can be great drama and is well acted when they stick to rape and murder, which is what the show is primarily about. However they never miss an opportunity to promote their liberal bias on such issues as abortion, illegal immigration, homosexuality, the transgender issue, Islam, and even abu ghraib and the Bush administration of all things, Whenever they do this I just get up and leave the room. I want to be entertained and not indoctrinated. My wife gets mad at me because she thinks that I am too nitpicky. According to her I should just ignore it. I have an ear and an eye for bias and the reason I get so upset is becaus…

The Definition Of A Real Feminist

The so-called Women's March occurred this week, which was a disguise for an anti Trump march and of course funded by George Soros. True women's rights has always been important to me. I became aware of the the issue as a teenager when I saw how my Aunt Didi was treated after the death of my parents. She was trying to raise my brother Mark and I, along with her own two children as a divorced single woman. Didi had a good job for a woman in the 1960's but men doing the exact same job were paid more money. I remembered how my mom suffered physical and verbal abuse from my father, although in fairness to him, this only occurred after his mental breakdown. Either way I didn't like it and whenever I have seen women abused since then it bothers me. I was taught to revere and respect women. When I was in the military and men cheated on their wives there was an attitude among men, and some women for that matter that when a man cheated it was expected. Boys will be boys. When…

My Farewell Address

I predicted Donald Trumps victory early into his  campaign although I wasn't a Trump supporter at that time. Even before Trump I felt that 2016 was the year of the outsider for the Republican Party. Someone like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, or Ben Carson. It wasn't going to be an insider like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, or Lindsey Graham. Marco Rubio might actually have had the best chance, in the outsider group, if he had not supported amnesty for illegals. People would ask me what I thought of Hillary's chances and I would tell them that she was a screw up and had always been a screw up. She was the absolute worst candidate that the Democrats could have nominated. Hillary was not Bill Clinton and she was only in that position because she had married him in the first place. Ironically Hillary might have won this election if she had followed his advice. In the eleventh hour she rejected the advice of the very man that ushered her to the pinnacle of political pow…

The Triumph Of The People

The hubris of Barack Obama knows no bounds. In a Sixty Minutes interview he said that there were no scandals in his administration. Let's see, oh yes, that is if you omit Operation Fast and Furious in which Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress, Benghazi. in which four brave Americans died and the narrative was created out of thin air that they died because of an anti-Muslim video. This lie was pushed for months. They also died because Obama pushed the lie that al qaeda was dead after the death of Usama Bin Laden and sending  help to them might hurt his chances for re-election in 2012. The IRS targeting conservative organizations before the 2012 presidential election. The Department of Justice seizing Associated Press phone records and the phone and email records of Fox News reporter James Rosen. The General Services Administration was busted in 2012 for spending $823,000 on an extravagantly decadent conference in Las Vegas. Federal law was broken by the EPA in promoti…

What Would You Think?

I was watching a couple of episodes of ABC's show What Would You Do? hosted by John QuiƱones. In one episode an attractive Middle Eastern woman, an actor dressed in western attire, was having trouble changing a tire on a city street by a busy sidewalk. Many men stopped to offer the woman assistance. The same woman dressed in a Muslim hi jab was ignored by many men as they walked by. However there were quite a few men that stopped to help. In another episode a Muslim woman tried to order pastries in a bakery from a bigoted clerk who was also an actor. The clerk was refusing the woman service and shouting insults at the woman about her appearance and her Muslim faith. Saying she was not an American. Far too many people did not get involved or they overtly supported the actions of the clerk. Many of the customers however openly supported the Muslim woman and berated the clerk. The show asks the question, "What would you do"? I know myself well enough to know that I would…