Monday, January 23, 2017

The Definition Of A Real Feminist

  The so-called Women's March occurred this week, which was a disguise for an anti Trump march and of course funded by George Soros. True women's rights has always been important to me. I became aware of the the issue as a teenager when I saw how my Aunt Didi was treated after the death of my parents. She was trying to raise my brother Mark and I, along with her own two children as a divorced single woman. Didi had a good job for a woman in the 1960's but men doing the exact same job were paid more money. I remembered how my mom suffered physical and verbal abuse from my father, although in fairness to him, this only occurred after his mental breakdown. Either way I didn't like it and whenever I have seen women abused since then it bothers me. I was taught to revere and respect women. When I was in the military and men cheated on their wives there was an attitude among men, and some women for that matter that when a man cheated it was expected. Boys will be boys. When a woman cheated however she was a whore or a slut. I have always been for equality in the work place as long as women can perform the physical aspects of a job that are required to get the job done and is not passed off to a man for the sake of political correctness. Sexual harassment in the workplace is never acceptable and as far as I am concerned I would vote for a woman for any political office in the land as long as I agree with them politically. Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria are good examples from history that women make strong leaders.

  I have always opposed the modern women's rights movement  because they are an arm of the Democrat Party and have nothing to do with women's rights. They tout how much they are for a woman's right to choose but the only choice they believe in is the right to kill their children through all nine months of pregnancy. It is a cult of death. They do not celebrate the right of a woman who chooses to carry their child to term. If they did they would have welcomed pro-life women's groups who were prohibited from marching with them. They look down on women who stay home and raise their own children. Women who choose to carry a gun, join the NRA, become a Republican or join the Tea Party. Last but not least who vote for Trump. To me a real feminist is a woman who has the freedom to choose any path in life that they want to. Men are free to do that. Why not women?

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  1. Gender equality has been achieved in the U.S. The horrible paradox now, is the definition of "gender". California is proposing a box on drivers licenses for "transgender" or TBD (to be determined). We have arrived at "depravity",