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I was born at Baptist Hospital in Nashville Tennessee at 11:35 AM, Tuesday, February 28, 1950. Weighing in at eight pounds and six ounces. My parents were living at two twenty-five and a half Berry Street in East Nashville. With the exception of the three years and nine months that I spent on active duty in the Air Force, and seven unfortunate months living in Florida, I have been a lifelong resident of Nashville and Rutherford County Tennessee. Shortly after I was born we moved to Brookvale Terrace near Knob Road, just off of White Bridge Road in West Nashville. The only thing that I can remember about Brookvale Terrace is playing with my toy cars under the back yard clothes line. Also the day that my sister Donna let our dog out. It bit a Black woman walking down our street. I can still see the blood running down her leg. Donna told me that she got a hard whipping for that. What I don't remember is the day that I pulled a hot iron off into my play pen severely burning my left …