Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Fox News Hysteria

  When I was a child I remember that my grandfather hated the old Nashville Banner newspaper because it was Republican. He liked the Nashville Tennessean because it was Democratic.He was a life-long Democrat, as most white people in the South were at that time and a union member having worked on the Tennessee Central Railroad. There have always been Democratic and Republican newspapers. Today the media is dominated by the Democ-rats. Most major newspapers, news magazines like Time and Newsweek. Television networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, CNN, MSNBC and the list goes on and on. The only thing that conservatives can turn to is talk radio for the most part, Breitbart, The Daily Caller or World Net Daily. Last but not least Fox News and Fox News is basically mainstream Republican in it's editorial position. Conservatives have had few options until fairly recently. Fox News did not come on the air until 1996 and I date conservative talk radio with the advent of Rush Limbaugh in 1988. I began listening to talk radio when it was in it's infancy when I was stationed in Oregon in 1968 I used to listen to a talk show called Night Caps that I believe originated in Salt Lake City and was a late night call in show. People called in and basically talked about innocuous subjects. There was no political talk or anything controversial. During the seventies and eighties there were more controversial radio hosts that ranged from liberal to moderate. 

  My favorite was Teddy Bart locally who seemed to make an attempt to present both sides of an argument. In 1980 WLAC, which call letters stood for it's original sponsor, the Life and Casualt Insurance Company, went over from a music format to a political talk show format. I was overjoyed by the change but there was no one really addressing my point of view on a consistent basis. Then in 1989 I was riding toward Murfreesboro on the Old Nashville Pike when I heard Rush Limbaugh for the first time. About the time I reached the battlefield I was ecstatic.. I had never before heard someone say on the air what I was thinking and on top of that he was hilarious. I have found that there is a hysteria from the left about Rush Limbaugh that is totally wrong and irrational. I have listened to Rush for years and in my view he is not a racist. Ninety-nine percent of the lefts criticism of him is totally off base. I laugh at people who take him so seriously when I know he is joking. What I like about Limbaugh is that he is a political genius when it comes to correctly stating the conservative philosophy and applying it to current news events. He also knows the political left like a book and last but not least he doesn't give a flip what people think about him. He spawned what is today called conservative talk radio. People that have followed him like Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levine, Neal Boortz, Michael Savage, and Phil Valentine, just to name a very few, owe their success to Rush Limbaugh. 

  Conservative talk radio has had a huge impact on the political landscape because it gives conservatives an alternative to the constant barrage of the leftist political propaganda from the mainstream media but conservative talk shows are basically preaching to the choir. Far too many Americans are still influenced by the mainstream media or as I call it the Democratic or state run media whenever a Democratic president like Clinton or Obama are in office. We conservatives call these people low information voters. I have found that Conservative talk radio is a good news source. Especially on the important issues that the mainstream media usually ignores, under reports, or spins to favor the Democrats. Like the true situation on the border and the harm done to America by illegal immigration. News regarding the real state of our economy, taxes, government waste and overspending. Foreign policy issues that are being ignored or tainted by the mainstream media. National news events. For example, the Trayvon Martin shooting or the recent Michael Brown shooting. Talk radio presents a balanced view. You develop a more accurate opinion regarding people like George Zimmerman and Officer Darren Wilson when the press is trying to portray Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown as innocent victims. Where conservative talk radio shines is discussing the many Democratic scandals that the mainstream media ignores or distorts. Troopergate, Whitewater, Monica Lewinsky, Juanita Broderick, Katheen Wiley, White House Travel Office, Pardongate, Benghazi, Fast & Furious,the IRS scandal, and the list goes on and on. 

  There is a special place in hell for the damage that the mainstream media has done and is doing to this country in my opinion. In addition to the damage by the mainstream media you have to factor in Hollywood. It is also influential in molding and shaping opinion. It usually glorifies the homosexual lifestyle, the drug culture, the radical feminist agenda, and takes a generally Democratic Party point of view. Christians are generally portrayed as religious bigots or wacko's Republicans or conservatives are depicted as bigoted, and unstable. It is safe to depict the white male in a bad light. For example in an age when most Muslims are not terrorists but most terrorists are Muslim and usually of middle eastern descent most movies still depict terrorists as white males. For example Air Force One, White House Down and Sum of All Fears. Tom Clancy's terrorists in the book Sum of All Fears were Middle Eastern terrorists. In the movie they were changed to a white supremacist group of white males. Of course prime-time television in the form of sit-coms and drama also pushes the same left-wing agenda. The frenzy and hysteria over Fox News from the left cracks me up. The left is allowed to have virtually the entire mainstream news media, Hollywood, prime time television, and the print media but the establishment Republicans are not allowed to push their viewpoint. In my view Fox bends over backwards to be fair. It regularly has the liberal opinion represented. It's news reporting truly is fair and balanced although even Fox is not conservative enough for me. I swore off prime time news completely after the re-election of Obama in 2012. I just can't take it anymore. Only recently have I been watching Fox News and I do not watch it nearly as much as I used to. Fox consistently has the highest ratings of any other network and I got to admit it, they have the hottest women. So in closing all I can tell all you libs out there is to lighten up.Unfortunately your side still still reaches more people than our side.


  1. Great report! You have omitted, however, the first and greatest Conservative voice in America: William F. Buckley and his PBS show, FIRING LINE. He was a mentor to Rush Limbaugh.
    Some of the best on radio are Michael Medved, Bill Cunningham (began in Cincinnati) and Dennis Prater

  2. Your right. There were are are other great conservative commentator's but I guess Rush has had the greatest impact on me personally.