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Abortion Has A Face

I would like to share personal stories that to me illustrates what the abortion issue is all about. It is about real people. The political left, in it's vanity thinks it has the right to decide who lives or dies. It thinks that it can decide, because of the complexity and quality, or lack of quality, in a person's perceived environment, what is best for that person. Only God is truly qualified to make that judgement. I have seen people born into less than desirable circumstances become hardened criminals and I have seen them become one of the top neuro-surgeons in the country. My granddaughter was born on September 4, 1987. My daughter, who I love more than life itself, made a mistake and became pregnant at fourteen years old. We had a talk and I felt obligated to tell her that what she did was wrong but I really didn't have to say that because she knew right from wrong.. I told her at the time that abortion was not an option and she and her mother both agreed. However I a…


 It was a beautiful, clear Wednesday morning, January 16, 1963. Daddy sat at a nearby dresser, watching mother as she lay sleeping. Granddaddy, my grandmother who we called mama, and granddaddy's invalid sister, Arda Brown Mannion, were in the kitchen at the rear of the house. Didi, my mother's youngest sister was working at Southern Bell Telephone Company a few blocks away. My brother Mark, myself and my cousins Roy and Alton, were at school. Donna, my older sister was living with her husband Larry at our home across town in West Nashville. The rest of us were temporarily living with my grandparents until my father might regain his mental health. Maybe then we could return to a somewhat normal life. It wasn't to be. At approximately 10: 05 A.M. daddy leaned across the bed and pointed a nine shot .22 caliber pistol at the left side of my mother's head, quickly firin…