Sunday, October 12, 2014

Same Sex Marriage - A Timeline

  There is a definite timeline regarding the progression of the "Gay Rights" agenda in this country.I saw an editorial entitled "Same Sex Marriage Rights Appear Inevitable".Unfortunately I have to agree with that assessment. The question is how did we arrive at this place in American History? A good place to start is the 1973 decision of the American Psychiatry Association that homosexuality would no longer be classified as a mental disorder. In the opinion of the APA it was no longer considered abnormal behavior. I predicted, at the time, that this was just the beginning of the drive to mainstream homosexuality in American society. I remember telling people that homosexuals would begin seeking civil unions, adoption rights, insurance and company benefits. Many thought that I was overreacting or laughed at me. Even I could not predict in 1973 that forty-one years later we would not only have civil unions but full fledged homosexual marriage or that the media, especially Hollywood, would glorify and highlight the homosexual lifestyle. In the majority of movies and prime time television shows today there is the obligatory homosexual and same sex love scenes. There are even commercials featuring homosexual couples and a homosexual channel. An unwritten code exists in Hollywood that homosexuality will not be depicted in a negative light. Nobody could predict the extent that the left would go to indoctrinate our children and young people that homosexuality is acceptable behavior and the impact of pop culture on our young people.

  The decision of the APA was a milestone but a Supreme Court case called Lawrence vs. Texas opened the fhe floodgates. That case turned the rule of law on it's head by declaring that sexual activity or homosexual activity in the privacy of ones own bedroom was an inalienable right covered by the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. This case stemmed from a situation in Texas where the police answered a call to a house and discovered two men having sex. They were arrested under a Texas sodomy law because it was one of only fourteen states that had sodomy laws. The trend was headed in the right direction because these laws were outdated and were gradually being abolished state by state. I have always been of the opinion that whatever two consenting adults do in private is their own business. All sexual activity in ones own bedroom is not necessarily legal or moral. You could have a consenting 12 year old having sex with a consenting 30 year old or a human with an animal. The fatal flaw in Lawrence vs. Texas is that the courts recognized behavior as a fundamental right. The intent of the 14 Amendment in 1868 was to grant constitutional protection to the former slaves. A black, white, or Asian person have no control over what race they are when they are born. The same applies to a male or female because they no choice over their gender. No legitimate scientists have ever isolated a homosexual gene or proven empirically that a person is born homosexual.

 You can hold the opinion that homosexuals are born that way but opinion should have no basis in law anymore than my opinion. that all behavior is learned. You know what they say about opinions. There were three dissenting judges in Lawrence vs. Texas that support the case I am making here by justices Thomas, Rehnquist, and Scalia. A 1986 decision called Bower vs. Hardwick ruled that sexual behavior was not a fundamental right guaranteed by the 14th Amendment in a similar attempt to overturn a Georgia sodomy law. Lawrence vs Texas overruled that decision and homosexuals could argue from a position of strength that their sexual behavior was a fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution. The thing that most liberals and conservatives seem to miss in this debate is that marriage is a prerogative of the state. When we apply for a marriage license we don't go to a Federal courthouse to apply for a marriage license. The only marriages that should be protected by the 14th Amendment are interracial marriages. As I understand the 14th Amendment polygamous marriages don't apply because in most states they have never been legal nor has homosexual marriage until now.

  The American people have been dragged kicking and screaming down this road to legalizing homosexual marriage. A poll was taken in Massachusetts, one of the most liberal states in the union, showing that 66% of the people were opposed to same sex marriage when their state Supreme Court declared the ban on same sex marriage in Massachusetts unconstitutional. California, which is without question the wackiest state and the most liberal state voted overwhelmingly to ban same sex marriage in a referendum and the will of the people was overruled by an out of control Federal court. Slowly but surely states that have laws against same sex marriage are being undermined by Federal courts. The decision recently by the Supreme Court not to hear the appeals by five states of lower courts overturning their same sex marriage laws have set the stage for the ban being lifted in thirty out of fifty states. The courts coupled with a lawless president and attorney general who have put pressure on state attorney generals not to enforce their state laws banning same sex marriage. A president who signed an executive order nullifying DOMA, or the Defense Of Marriage Act passed by Congress in the 1990's and signed into law by Bill Clinton. Yes I would say that same sex marriage is all but inevitable. It doesn't have to be that way because those of us that oppose it are still in the majority but as usual we have no leadership to rally the people to stop this juggernaut.

  If we can believe the media we are being told that opinions are changing in favor of same sex marriage. If that is true it is probably because people are seeing the writing on the wall. They feel it is going to happen regardless of what they think and they are resigned to it. No matter what any human thinks it is what God thinks that matters and He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. In Canada right now a preacher can go to jail for a hate crime if they teach what the Bible says about homosexuality. And we all better get ready because it is coming here. In Houston Texas there is a so-called equal rights ordinance and their mayor has subpoenaed the pastors of Houston for any of their sermons that might have criticised her. I am sure the day is coming that an article like this would be considered hate speech. Lets just hope that the pedophiles are not as organized and successful as the homosexuals have been. In 2011 the American Psychiatry Association ruled that pedophilia is no longer a mental illness and in their opinion it is no longer considered abnormal behavior.

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