Thursday, April 12, 2018

Donnie Raymond White

  I had friends that were injured both physically and mentally in Vietnam but I guess that I am lucky in that I only had one personal friend killed there, When I worked at H.G. Hill @ 6th & Shelby Donnie used to come in and he would always say " Hey Segroves, loan me a dollar". Donnie was about two years ahead of me in school. I was also friends with his brother Jerry who was my age. Donnie was killed while I was in Basic Training but they weren't able to ship his body home until I went home on leave around the middle of September 1968. My Aunt Didi wanted me to pay my respects to some obscure relative that I doubt that I had ever even met. When I walked into Phillips-Robinson Funeral home I ran into Jerry and was curious as to why he was there. To my surprise he told me that Donnie was dead. He had died in Vietnam. I didn't even know that he had been inducted. It was a shock to see him there in a glass enclosed coffin in his dress uniform. When I visited the Vietnam Memorial I found his name and I always look for it when I visit our Tennessee Vietnam Memorial. Rest In Peace Donnie White and thank you for your service.

Date of Birth: 4/9/1948
Date of Casualty: 9/6/1968
Home of Record: NASHVILLE
County of Record:DAVIDSON COUNTY
Branch of Service:ARMY
Panel/Line:45W, 58
Casualty Province: QUANG NGAI

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Santiago Jimmy McKinn

  Santiago ‘Jimmy’ McKinn was a boy of 11 who lived with his family in the lower Mimbres Valley, New Mexico. One day, while out with his seventeen year old brother Martin, a group of Apache led by Geronimo approached the two. Geronomo crushed Martin's skull stealing his clothes and abducting young Santiago. A photographer associated with General Crook took this picture of a group of Indians during peace negotiations with Geronomo in 1886. A soldier later realized that the boy in front was a White captive. Santiago had an Irish father and Mexican mother. When the soldiers approached him about returning to his family he refused to leave. Santiago had thoroughly adapted to the Indian culture and would only speak Apache. When Geronomo's band was finally vanquished they were placed on a train headed for a prison in Florida. Santiago wearing only a g-string was also placed on that train. His parents met the train at Deming New Mexico and took him home. He was outfitted with a set of new clothes. Santiago later married, had 4 children, and later grandchildren. The 1930 census revealed that he was living in Phoenix. Santiago was born on March 31, 1875 and died on December 10, 1941. He was 66 years old.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

David Hogg - Media Hog

I wonder how I could alter public opinion if I was the survivor of an active shooter situation and the mainstream media gave me a soapbox to say anything I wanted to about protecting our 2nd Amendment rights. Because I was a shooting "survivor" I could not be criticized. In addition I could criticize my parents, liberal anti-gun groups and those that oppose my point of view with a liberal use of profanity and the F bomb. I don't know David Hogg but I see a young skull full of mush being given way too much notoriety and power at the age of 17. If he is going to put his opinion out there in the marketplace of ideas he should expect criticism and should not be able to hide behind the Parkland school shooting tragedy. Why should his opinion be so sacrosanct? Why shouldn't Kyle Kashruv have the same soapbox? He is a 16 year old survivor of Parkland and guess what? The shooting did not affect his ability to reason. He is pro 2nd Amendment. Ronald Reagan and Republican Congressman Steve Scalise came as close to dying as anybody after being shot. Both were shot by mentally ill men but they quickly affirmed their continuing support for the 2nd Amendment. James Brady, who was Reagan's Press secretary took a different approach to the 2nd Amendment. Since he suffered a severe brain injury and was severely incapacitated I have always wondered how much of his opposition to guns came from him or his wife. Either way I think that he earned a right to an opinion on the subject. If you want to change the minds of reasonable people the left better come up with something better than David Hogg. 
Kyle Kashruv

The Meaning Of Easter To Me

After reading posts on Facebook as to why people do or do not believe in God I ask myself many times why I believe in God. These are several reasons that I believe. 

1. Free will - It is mind blowing when I think that Gods love is revealed in our ability to make choices. We can be as evil as we want to be or as righteous as we want to be. Of course our righteousness is only really achieved through Christ. This is what sets humans and animals apart. When one gets married we hope to marry someone who chooses to love us. What would a relationship be if they were forced to be with us. God is no different. We are free to reject him or accept him. He is sad when he is rejected but you are free to make your own choices. This is the essence of true love. Free will. 

2. The power to transform- I have seen people transformed before my very eyes. It doesn't happen as often as I would like but I have seen it happen on occasion. One example of this is a young girl that I used to supervise years ago. She hated me. It was very evident in the way she treated me. She always had a scowl on her face and seemed embittered. One day she walked up to me and out of the blue she asked me to forgive her for how she treated me. Stunned at this I said that I would. I happened to tell a Christian co-worker about this and his eyes lit up. Haven't you heard? She was saved. For the remaining time that I knew this girl her whole demeanor changed and it seemed to affect even her physical appearance. There are historical examples of this kind of transformation like the slave trader John Newton who wrote Amazing Grace and Jacob Deshazer, the Doolittle raider that spent three long brutal years as a Japanese POW. He would later accept Jesus as his Savior. Deshazer went back to Japan in order to preach Christianity to the Japanese. He would lead many to Christ including the air commander of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Mitsuo Fuchida. He would later write a book called from Pearl Harbor to Calvary.

3. The mind blowing spiritual truths revealed in God's Word and through his Holy Spirit

Who did Christ die for and what was the meaning of his resurrection?

He died for you.
He died for me. 
He died for Donald Trump
He died for Barack Obama
He died for Bill and Hillary Clinton
He died for Adolph Hitler
He died for Joseph Stalin
He died for Saddam Hussein
He died for Osama Bin Laden
He died for the adulterer
He died for the thief
He died for the murderer
He died for the homosexual
He died for the professed believer or hypocrite like me whose life does not measure up.
Last but not least he died for the fool that says in his heart that there is no God.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Facing Our Fears

  I have thought a lot lately about the so-called student walk out after the Parkland High School shooting and the subsequent March For Our Lives rally in Washington DC. As usual it makes me angry when I see Democrats manipulating young impressionable children to acquire their sinister political goals. Or as Rush Limbaugh might say young skulls full of mush. I can relate because at one time I was one of those young skulls full of mush. My generations greatest fear was nuclear annihilation. From the time I was about 7 or 8 until I was about 14 the threat of nuclear war was always on my mind. That is because the Cold War was a frequent topic of discussion among adults, in the news media, and Hollywood. Not until after the Cuban Missile crisis did the topic of the Cold War seem to diminish somewhat. However it was always in the back of your mind. When I look back on those days most of the ways that we were taught to survive a nuclear war look silly today. Like duck and cover for example. I might be talking out of school here but I can't imagine that children actually worry that much about dying in a school shooting like we did about dying in a nuclear war. Parents today probably worry more about their children's safety than the children do. When you think about the issue realistically there is a far greater chance that a child will be struck by lightning than die in a school shooting. If you are a child living in inner city Chicago on the other hand your chances of seeing adulthood are greatly diminished. Unlike the Cold War the remedy for ending school shootings are much simpler. We simply need to harden the targets. The reasons that you don't hear of shootings at gun shows, police stations or donut shops is that they are hardened targets. Okay, the donut shop is a bad joke. If you hear of a shooting at a police station or a gun show it would be because the shooter is wanting to commit suicide or they are extremely dumb. We can harden the school targets by putting more guns in the hands of trained and responsible school personnel. If the president of the United States dies or is injured in an assassination attempt I am not going to be impacted in the way I would be if my child or grandchild dies or is injured in a school shooting. Here is a novel idea. Lets protect both. The Democrats can cry all the crocodile tears that they want after a mass shooting but their ultimate goal is to disarm America. If you don't believe me just do a little research and their own words will condemn them. Former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens, a man who should know better, is calling for a repeal of the 2nd Amendment for God sake. If it were possible for everyone to obey the Ten Commandments this would be a perfect world. If we could uphold the Bill of Rights, which is the first ten amendments to the constitution we would have a perfect form of republican democracy. One that was envisioned by the Founding Fathers. It is impossible to uphold the Bill of Rights without the 2nd Amendment. Each Amendment simply recognizes a God given inalienable right that already existed when the country was founded. Just like the Ten Commandments existed from the creation of the world. God simply wrote them on stone for mankind as a reminder. The Founding Fathers wrote the Bill of Rights down to be a constant reminder of our inalienable rights. The 2nd Amendment does not only remind us that we have a God given right to defend ourselves but it is a hedge against tyranny. I no longer fear nuclear war. My biggest fear is living in a society that refuses to recognize  these eternal truths.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Consistency Would Be Nice

  Bad behavior, regardless of who commits it, is never justified. When a Republican commits a sin it is covered 24/7 by the mainstream media. When a Democrat commits a sin it might get covered by a grocery store tabloid or two if we are lucky. Oh surely you remember that Republican president that slept with mafia mistresses, had prostitutes sleep over at the White House and swam nude with women in the White House swimming pool. Or that Republican senator that left a female aide to drown alone in a submerged car and later, like the scumbag that he was tried to talk his way out of it so as to save his political career. How about that Republican attorney general and later president that violently raped a woman and physically forced himself on others more times than you can count. I love the one about that Republican senator from North Carolina that paraded his dying wife around hoping to get sympathy votes while he had a mistress on the side and was producing a love child with her? Oh come on you remember that one for sure. The story was broken by that very reputable newspaper the National Enquirer. If a woman points the finger at a Republican she is so brave to have come forward and is exalted to high heaven. When a woman points her finger at a Democrat God help her. She is the lowest form of slut and a cheap whore. Regardless of her political views. Remember James Carville's classy remark about Paula Jones. Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find. Trump wasn't my first choice before the election but he is now. He is doing pretty much what I hired him to do and I am quite pleased. I had no illusions about his prior personal behavior when I voted for him. That is because I prefer a DT as you Trump haters are fond of calling him over BO. Speaking for myself. If Stormy Daniels is the best you got then you ain't got nothing.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Pistol Packing Annie's

  Republican Alabama state representative Harry Shiver doesn't want to arm teachers because in his words most of them are women and "they are scared of guns". Much of the time when public figures, primarily conservatives, are accused by the feminists of saying something sexist their remarks are usually taken out of context or overblown. However Mr. Shiver's opinion on this subject is very sexist and just plain wrong. First of all I am a man and an expert shot but I am scared to death of guns. You should never lose your fear of guns. No matter how well trained you are. Women are applying for concealed carry permits in record numbers and they are outpacing men. There are studies that show women are better shooters than men. Colonel Kenneth Haynes who had a 32 year career as a military firearms instructor also believes that women are better shooters. History is replete with examples. Annie Oakley, Margaret Thomas Murdock, and Lyudmila Pavlichenko who was a Soviet sniper in WW2 with 309 confirmed kills. Teachers need to be armed and I think could be more deadly than men when it comes to protecting children because of their maternal instinct. My wife, who at the time could not hit the broad side of a barn, pulled my gun on a man that was following our girls on a street in Rossville Georgia when they were children. I wasn't with her but my pistol was in the glove compartment. The girls were walking down the street when a man began following them and was acting suspiciously. When he turned to see if anyone was watching him he spotted her leaning over the hood of our car with my pistol pointed dead at him. The man immediately did a u turn and left the area. I was extremely proud of her when she told me about it a few years later. A relative, who I will not name, works in retail. A few years ago a large man acting suspicious and wearing a hoodie looked around as if to see if he was alone, pulled the hoodie over his head and walked into her store. I watched the security video and it was obvious that the man was up to no good. He was barely in the store when she grabbed her gun from under the counter and held it in the air with the greeting " Can I help you"? The man stopped dead in his tracks. He said something like "Uh no" and quickly left the store. Again, I was extremely proud of her. Let's don't sell our women short. They will do just fine.
Annie Oakley

Annie Oakley

Lyudmila Pavlichenko 

Soviet snipers in WW2