Saturday, July 22, 2017


  Okay congress listen up. I am going to say this one more time. To use a little CB jargon "Have you got your ears on"? You are so worried about losing your cushy jobs, retirement benefits, and health insurance that pays 100% of your medical costs. That's not Obamacare by the way. In your minds that is what is at stake if you vote to repeal Obamacare. You are deceived by the false Democratic polls that say the American people do not want an outright repeal of Obamacare. There are only three polls that you need to focus on. The poll taken in November 2010 when the American people threw the Democrats out of the House of Representatives and put your sorry butts in charge to do what? Repeal Obamacare!!! Then there is that other poll taken in November 2014 that threw the Democrats out of the Senate do do what? Repeal Obamacare!!! For the third time a poll was taken in November 2016 that elected a president who wanted to do what? Are you getting the picture now? Am I finally getting through your thick skulls? To repeal Obamacare!!! Not to repeal and replace. Not to save something that is hopelessly doomed from the start, but to get rid of it. If you do this you will never have to worry about losing your jobs again. That is unless you are caught molesting a child or in a hotel room with a tranny prostitute. When this heavy anchor of Obamacare is removed from around the neck of the American economy you will be loved for your decision. Heck, I might even vote for Corker and Alexander if they vote to repeal Obamacare. Now don't let success go to your heads. The three polls taken in November, 2010, 14 and 16 also make it plain that you still have a lot of work to do after the repeal of Obamacare. Like securing our borders, cutting taxes, and protecting the 2nd Amendment, just to name a few. The choice is yours. Follow my advice or the American people will speak again in November 2018. I guarantee that you will not like what they have to say.

Monday, July 17, 2017

A House Divided

Theodore( Thee ) Roosevelt Sr.  

Martha  Stewart ( Mittie ) Bulloch Roosevelt
  Thousands of families were divided by the Civil War. The most famous was the family of Abraham Lincoln. Mary Lincoln was from Kentucky and Mary's brother George R.C. Todd fought for the Confederacy. Her half-brothers David Todd, Samuel Todd and Alexander Todd, all fought in the Confederate Army. Samuel Todd was killed in the Battle of Shiloh. Alexander Todd was killed at Baton Rouge and David Todd was wounded at Vicksburg. Her brother-in-law Benjamin Hardin Helm was a Confederate general killed at Chickamauga. Helm was married to Mary's half sister Emilie Todd Helm. The husbands of her half-sisters, Martha White and Elodie Dawson were ardent supporters of the Confederacy. Another famous family that was divided by the war was the Roosevelt's. Theodore Roosevelt's parents were Theodore ( Thee ) Roosevelt Sr. and Martha ( Mittie ) Bulloch Roosevelt. Mittie grew up on a large Southern plantation called Bulloch Hall attended by a dozen house slaves in Roswell Georgia. Thee fell deeply in love with Mittie when he met her at the tender age of 15. Thee, the Yankee New Yorker, was 21 when he married 17 year old Mittie in 1853 at Bulloch Hall. She was beautiful with a quick mind and a playful sense of humor. Thee moved to New York City with his lovely young bride settling into a home on 20th street. Four children were born to the couple over the next 8 years. Anna, Theodore, Elliott, the father of Eleanor Roosevelt, and Corinne. The onset of the Civil War put a huge strain on the Roosevelt marriage that they never really recovered from. Thee was a passionate supporter of the Union cause. Mittie was loyal to the South and had a brother and two step brothers fighting for the Confederacy as well as all of her male friends that she had known in Georgia before the war. Thee wanted to join the Union Army but because of his deep love for Mittie he could not bring himself to enlist. Like many wealthy Northerners he hired a substitute to take his place in the ranks. He was too worried about Mittie. Her health suffered as a result of the war. She developed palpitations, migraines, and stomach trouble. Thee donated much money to the Union cause and was a great philanthropist. Theodore Roosevelt was very close to his father and he loved and respected him deeply. However he could never reconcile the fact that his father refused to fight in the war. This is the big reason that Theodore clamored to fight in the Spanish American War and became a war hero. After Bulloch Hall fell into Union hands toward the end of the war Mittie wrote, " If I may judge at all of the embittered feeling of the South against the North by myself I would say they would rather be buried in one common grave than ever again live under the same government. I am confident I should".