Tuesday, May 5, 2015



  I could respect the opinions of the political left, the Democratic Party, and the Democratic media, if they would just be consistent but it ain't gonna happen. The hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center. See we can name call as good as they can, and other leftists consider the actions of Pamela Geller, who sponsored a cartoon competition in Garland Texas, to be racist and provocative. She has also been described as an incendiary. Yet they celebrate the right of people to burn the American flag or walk and dance on it. Not considering my feelings as a patriotic American and a veteran or those veterans who have fought and bled for that flag. They honor the freedom of expression of the so-called artists who paint pictures of a crucifix submerged in urine and the desecration of other Christian symbols but not caring about the feelings of Christians. On top of that we are forced to pay for this garbage with our tax money. I am not aware of a Jihad movement in Christianity to avenge Jesus.The worst example I can come up with is the Westboro Baptists and to my knowledge they haven't killed anyone yet. They are just a small bunch of absolute idiots. However the left tries to protect radical Islam, the most provocative and incendiary group in the world. They are the biggest bullies around but for some reason the anti-bullying party, the Democrats, always stands up for the bullies. Primarily because they are bullies themselves. They bully the rest of us into silence by calling us racist and provocative for standing up for free speech. Or bigots, homophobes, sexists, nativists, and any other name they can think of. This strategy is successful because far too many average Americans and Conservatives back down to these bullies. Radical Islamists are the true sexists, homophobes, and religious bigots that we are accused of being. The left supports the true bigotry of Islam because they hate the political right and Christianity worse than they hate radical Islam. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  Radical Islam is at war with us and some of us are not afraid to name the enemy. These people are killing Christians and Jews everywhere. Primarily Christians right at the moment in every horrible way imaginable The world stands by and does nothing. There are many good Islamic people and anybody with a brain knows that. In the words of Brigitte Gabriel however good Muslims are as irrelevant as good Germans were in the Third Reich. They could not stop the actions of Hitler and the Nazi's. Too few Muslims are speaking out against the radicals in their midst. The French weekly Charlie Hebdo described itself as secular and atheist. It mocked all religions, including Islam, and right wing political parties. However the world, with the exception of the Obama administration displayed it's support of Charlie Hebdo and freedom of speech after Islamic terrorists attacked it's headquarters. If Charlie Hebdo was an extreme right wing Christian publication would European leaders have been so quick to rally around them? I rather doubt it. There is nothing different about what happened in Garland Texas and France except for the fact that the good guys did not die. Just two dirt bag terrorists. Who were sent to their just reward by one very brave police officer.
Marines on Iwo Jima

Piss Christ

French rally supporting Charlie Hebdo
Pam Geller

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