Friday, December 2, 2016

A Time For Democrat Toughness And Tenacity - Republican Style

  Democrats had the same opportunities in January 2009 that the Republican's will have in January 2017. They had a majority in the House and Senate and a president in the White House. The Dem's were tough and disciplined enough to pass Obamacare during the two year window of opportunity that they had without one Republican vote to assist them. For a change the Republican's were following the will of the people in resisting Obamacare. The Dem's passed Obamacare in the face of overwhelming public opposition to Obamacare in the polls and pressure from their constituents not to pass it. They didn't care because they knew how high the stakes were. Obamacare would change public perceptions about national health insurance. The Dem's knew that even though American's didn't want Obamacare it would implant the false notion that health insurance would be a fundamental right of all Americans. They also knew that it would give the government an inordinate amount of control over the average American. Providing them with a minimal sense of security in exchange for their liberty. Obamacare was also a voter registration drive to secure a permanent block of voters in the same way that social security and medicare have secured a permanent block of voters for them over the years. Finally Obamacare was designed to fail in order to break down the last vestiges of resistance to a single payer insurance system, based again on the false notion that health insurance is a fundamental right. Democrat's were so intent on their mission that they knew that they were risking defeat in the 2010 mid term elections. The Republican's won back the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014, primarily because of voter anger over Obamacare and other Democrat policies. Now, the Republican's have an agenda popular with the American people. Building the wall, building up the military, ending Obamacare, destroying radical Islam, and cutting taxes. This is where the Republican's will need the toughness and tenacity of the Democrats in 2009. If they pass the things I have mentioned there will be one crucial difference. The Republicans will not lose Congress. They will become entrenched in Congress and it may be decades before the Democrats ever see a majority in Congress again. Failure is not an option. If the Republican's continue the pattern of corruption, weakness, and division that we have seen out of them since 2011, God help them. This may be their last opportunity for a very long time.

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