Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Transgender Issue And Karl Marx

Christine Jorgensen in 1953

  Have you ever noticed that the left thrives on crisis? Most of the time there is no crisis, but by the time they get through dealing with the fake crisis we are left with a real crisis. Take the transgender issue regarding our public restrooms. The left is acting as if this is a gigantic problem in America. According to the Williams institute 0.3 % of the American population identify as transgender. This works out to be about 700,000 people in a country of around 320 million. The Williams Institute acknowledge that this is a rough estimate since many people are afraid to come out of the closet on this issue. In those states where the laws are more favorable to transgenders, a higher percentage identify as transgender, but not that much higher. Even if the real percentage was 0.5 or as high as 1%, that would not be justification for changing our laws. This would ignore the wishes of a vast percentage of the American people. It could also pose a danger to women and small children. This is the real crisis that will be created in order to address a non-existent crisis. Recently I saw Montel Williams on a Fox News program. He was basically saying that those of us who are opposed to transgender bathroom laws are self righteous and hypocritical. He held up two pictures. One was what appeared to be a very manly looking biker dude. The other was a pretty blonde haired woman. Of course the biker dude was a woman and the pretty blonde was a man. If I had been interviewing Montel I would have responded that his examples are not the real issue here. How many of us, if we saw the pretty blonde transgender or the manly biker dude enter the wrong restroom, would even say anything? First of all we probably wouldn't even know that they were transgender. Secondly, even if I knew, I probably wouldn't say anything. As a mall cop I see things that a lot of people don't see on a daily basis. Third, how many of us even know someone who is transgender? There is a transgender boy that comes into the mall all the time. In order to protect his identity I will not give any details other than to say that it is obvious that he is a boy. He looks absolutely ridiculous but he never causes a problem. If he wants to look ridiculous that is his right as an American. We have had a large percentage of transgender shoplifters over the six years that I have been in mall security. I am convinced that a few of these people use the female identity more as a disguise than anything else.  One thing that most people to not realize about me is that it is not right vs. left that matters. It is Right vs. wrong and I hate bullies. We have more than our share of homosexual employees in our mall. I get along well with all of them. We treat each other with the utmost courtesy and respect. There is one homosexual man in particular that is very effeminate.  One day he was taking a break and I noticed some teenagers making fun of him. I read them the riot act and told them that I would throw everyone of them off mall property if they didn't stop. The left pushes an anti-bullying agenda but they are the biggest bullies in the world. Obama is the biggest bully of them all and he has bullied the rest of us over this bathroom bill, illegal immigration, our naturally cautious attitude toward radical Islam, same sex marriage, religious liberty and on so many issues. If a transgender bathroom bill is passed and it is considered a hate crime to enforce gender identity in bathrooms it will make my job impossible. How can I stop a pervert from going into a woman's restroom? Sex crimes can also happen in men's restrooms but it is probably more likely to happen to women and small children. Since I am the father of a child, that has been sexually molested, this issue is close to my heart. One day a lady came to me and reported that a man was in the Food Court women's restroom. She told me that he said that it was okay because he was a homosexual. The man was coming out of the restroom when I confronted him. I asked him why he was in the women's restroom. He said that he had gone in by mistake. I gave him my dirtiest look and in a firm voice I told him not to make that mistake again. If we had a transgender bathroom bill then, all the man would have had to say was that he was transgender. Worse yet, I probably couldn't have even questioned him without being charged with a hate crime. If no law is passed, but it becomes politically incorrect to question someones sexual identity, it will become harder to prevent a sex crime. In addition I believe that consensual sexual activity would increase in public places. As it is, we have caught men and women having sex in the restrooms. Especially in our one holer and family restrooms. This does not make for a family friendly environment in a mall. We know that political correctness is hazardous to our health. A TSA agent allowed Mohammad Atta on American Flight 11, that was flown into the twin towers on September 11th. This was in spite of the fact that his gut was telling him that Atta was a terrorist. He was afraid to say anything.  The TSA agent didn't want to be accused of profiling. Of course we remember the neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists who were afraid to say anything for fear of being accused of Islamophobia. We can thank the left for creating this destructive atmosphere in America. Our mall is no different from any mall in America. We are constantly posting pictures of sexual predators who have approached women and children in the mall. I am proud of the fact that I was personally helped in the arrest of one of these people. 

  It is my belief that a large percentage, if not most of our Democratic politicians, are Marxists. I know that Obama is. I was reading a very interesting article written by Larry P. Arnn, president of Hillsdale college, entitled Property Rights and Religious Liberty. In the article he was writing about Marx views on private property in the Communist Manifesto. He writes, "that overthrowing the age old institution of property will involve as well the most radical rupture with traditional ideas". This is exactly what I see going on in America today. Traditional ideas are under constant assault. Christmas, prayer in school, military traditions, such as placing women in combat units, Patriotism and the pledge of allegiance. Then he goes on to say, "If private property is going to be abolished everything will have to be abolished. Marriage and religion are two prominent examples in Marx writings. Today, the institution of marriage is becoming more and more passe. Christianity is on the decline. Atheism and agnosticism are on the rise. The following is from an earlier article that I wrote called the History of Political Correctness.  When World War I began many Marxists believed that the war would be the thing that would unite the working class. The proletariat in Germany for example, had more in common with the proletariat in France and England than they had with the ruling classes in their own countries. They believed that the proletariat would refuse to fight. When the proletariat marched off to fight for their individual countries in a great surge of patriotism the Marxists were thoroughly disappointed. They blamed Western culture. The Marxists established "think tanks". Sounds familiar? These think tanks determined that the only way that economic Marxism could succeed was if western culture was destroyed. So they created cultural Marxism. This is the purpose of political correctness. The United States is being fundamentally changed and a big part of that change is the destruction of our value system. Our education system on both the secondary and higher educational level has been taken over by these people. They realize if they can indoctrinate our youth that will go a long way toward destroying western culture. Multiculturalism and identity politics are dividing the people into warring classes. We are seeing the deconstruction of western society. Most people are logical and political correctness is not logical. What political correctness does is attempt to end logical and reasonable debate. That is exactly what is going on here. Transgender bathroom violates everything that is logical. We are presently being bullied into silence. As for me I refuse to be bullied.  

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