Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Freedom Of Expression

  We have heard a lot lately about Colin Kaepernick's 1st Amendment right to protest by sitting down during the playing of the national anthem. I guess it is also his right to wear socks with pigs wearing police hats on them during practice. Actually he doesn't have the right to sit down during the national anthem or wear pig socks. He is an employee of the NFL and they have the right to require a certain standard of behavior. If he was a fan sitting in the seats he would have the right to remain seated but not as a player. It is obvious because of his race, and his cause, that the NFL, like society as a whole is copping out. Lets be honest. If a white player sat down during the national anthem because he was upset over the government's refusal to stop illegal immigration or some other conservative cause I am sure that he would not be supported by the NFL or the media. The coach should take the stance of a hockey coach that I heard about today. He said that if any of his players sat on the bench during the national anthem they would be benched during the game. God bless him. What would the NFL do if a white player showed up to practice wearing Confederate flag socks? We all know the answer to that. Freedom of expression should apply to everyone in the NFL or not at all . I cannot wear a Confederate flag or a Dont Tread On Me patch on my security uniform. Employees of government jobs and other businesses are even suffering consequences because of their Facebook posts. I am tired of the double standard in society as a whole. The Black Lives Matter movement can stop traffic on interstates and block runways at airports but how long do you think the authorities would tolerate a white supremacist group doing the same thing. The bottom line is that if you take the left side of an issue your right to express yourself is celebrated. If you are right then you are wrong.  

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