Sunday, June 2, 2013


  Another famous horse that is stuffed and on exhibit at the University of Kansas is Comanche. Supposedly the only survivor of the battle of the Little Big Horn. Actually there were over 100 horses that survived along with a bulldog. The horse belonged to Captain Keogh of the Seventh cavalry who named the horse Comanche for it's bravery and toughness in battle. In Keogh's first battle in 1868 the horse was wounded by an arrow in the hindquarters but continued without faltering. Comanche would be wounded many more times before it's final battle on June 25, 1876. Keogh and Custer's entire command was wiped out by the Indians. Comanche was found two days later badly wounded. The horse had crawled into a ravine to die and had seven bullet wounds. Four back of the foreshoulder, one through a hoof, and one on either hind leg He was nursed back to health and an order went out after two years that he was never to be made to work again. He was taken to Fort Meade in 1879 where he lived like a Prince until 1887 when he was taken to Ft. Riley Kansas where he developed a fondness for beer. He became something of a pet occasionally leading parades. He died November 7th 1891 at age 29. He was one of only two horses ever given a military funeral. The other was called Black Jack. He was always the riderless horse in the funeral processions of several presidents, including Kennedy, MacArthur and hundreds of military veterans buried at Arlington. 

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